How to register my property on Booking


Open enrollment for Ricardo Cruz Nihongo Premium's Japanese course! Click make your registration! has a property referral program, and if you register your property using the link below, you will be exempt from booking fees for the first 5 reservations.

Booking is much more than just hotels, and it is looking for new homes, new apartments and unique places to host travelers!

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Your tranquility is the priority of Booking

How Booking makes you feel confident in receiving your customers:

  • Your property, your rules - choose your prices, conditions and rules for customers
  • Booking is always online to help you - and provides 24 hour support and you can report customer misconduct
  • Find the right option - define the requirements and criteria that customers must meet;

Testimonials from property owners on Booking around the world!

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What is Booking's way of working?

At booking, you are in charge, you can open and close your property whenever you want.

At Booking, you have the freedom to open and close your property on the Booking website whenever you want. Without permanence contracts, you control your property.

Booking does not charge additional fees to customers

Booking does not add any value to the final price of accommodation. Unlike other platforms that usually charge customers, the price you set is what is shown on the Booking website.

You control your availability

Accept customers only during the summer or just on weekends - on, you decide when you want to receive customers.

Use at the same time as other platforms

You can work with while using other partners, such as TripAdvisor,, or any other platform ... no problem. With the calendar available on the Booking website, which is super easy to use, you can manage your availability in parallel with your existing partnerships.

Price and commission

Booking's pricing structure is based on the idea that the price that is set is what the customer pays. Booking does not add any value.

Commission in Ballerup: 15%

  • Support 24 hours a day, every day. Talk to real people by phone or email
  • Strong presence on search engines so you have more reservations
  • Analytical information and data to improve performance
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Types of customers you can expect

Every day, 1,550,000 reservations are made through the website, by customers from all over the world. But wherever these customers are, they end up having some things in common.

68% Are families and couples

of our reservations are for families and couples looking for a peaceful vacation.

38% Share your experiences

of our guests leave comments after their stays, sharing useful information with accommodation and other travelers.

75% Are loyal customers

of reservations are from customers who have already made more than five reservations on Booking.

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