How to live in Japan without be a descendant


Did you already think about reside in Japan without being a Japanese descendant? Unfortunate, a lot of persons are used to say that only being a descendant to live there. That is a big lie!, anyone can live in Japan, you just need to want and work on it.

Of course, be accepted in a country is not easy. Every country has rules and requisites to live there. For us Brazilian, is more difficult to be accepted in EUA than Japan.

Nowadays, more than two million foreign reside legally in Japan, Many do not have Japanese ancestry. The motive people think that only descendant can live in Japan, is because most contractors who provide work in factories prefer to choose descendants by the ease of requiring the visa.

Cidadania japonesa nacionalidade naturalizaã§ã£o como morar no japã£o sem ser descendente de japonãªs?

Japan Visa kinds

The work visa can last 1-3 years is the more wanted, mainly by descendants. Foreign without descendant normally obtain that visa when hired by a company who needs people specializing in a given area.

Another easy way to live in Japan is getting a spouse visa marring someone with Japanese nationality. Even marrying a Japanese descendant it gets easy to have a job or visa.

Another way many not descendant do is looking for a student visa. This visa can be obtained by a scholarship of a university or course from Japan. The opportunity of studying in Japan can open doors and gives you the chance to work and live there.

The visa more common is the tourist visa, it enables you to stay for three months in Japan. There is another tourist visa for long-term, but it is for rich people who have 30 million yen. Unfortunately, it seems that Brazil is not eligible to apply for this visa from rich people.

If you succeed in stay five followed years in Japan, you can solicit a permanent visa or obtain Japanese citizenship. There are a lot of things to you know before getting a visa, but it is subject for another article.

Como morar no japã£o sem ser descendente de japonãªs?

Ways to live in Japan

The easy way is getting a job. To get a job without being descendant, you will need to speak Japanese and sometimes English. And be graduated or have knowledge in some area to make companies hire you. Is not enough to say “I speak Japanese!” Some companies apply for the Japanese language proficiency test.

Another way is marring, however, is complicate find a spouse or date from distance. And is not recommended you marry someone just to get a visa. Procedures for getting a spouse’s visa are safe and do not accept fraud. A thing that will make easier to you get a visa is to not have a criminal background, Japan look for that and their financial conditions to remain in the country.

Besides studying language and have knowledge in some area, make a cultural, student or academic exchange or postgraduate can help you make friends that can help you get hired in a big company. You can win a scholarship in Japan or plane to study there through own investments.

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Live in Japan by creating a company

One of the ways to get a visa to live in Japan is by creating your own business or company. The advantages to be a self-employment is infinite and you can get a visa to another person. There are two options to open a firm in Japan, the individual and the company. The individual there are less impost and requisites, although it is more complicated to get a visa. The company has some impost and investment, but it makes it easy for you and an employee to get a visa.

Unfortunately, creating a company sometimes requires that you already have a company in your country or a high investment. In the future, we will have an article on this subject on how to set up a business in Japan.

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