How to enjoy eating Japanese food?

Many have been afraid to eat sushi, but after trying it they fell in love, I don't like fish myself, but I love sushi. Only sushi is just the tip of the iceberg, among the traditional foods of Japan is raw egg and the famous natto. How to enjoy eating these Japanese foods?

In Japan, strange foods such as insects are not common, as in other Asian countries. Still, you may end up facing some challenges to adapt to Japanese cuisine, such as seasoning or cuts of meat that is not popular in Brazil.

Remember that in Japan there are hundreds of varieties of dishes, you will definitely like one or the other, but it is also worth the effort to try the traditional things. What do you think about watching the video below that shows a little bit of Japanese food besides sushi?

As mentioned in the video, the best way to eat something you don't like is to get hungry. If you stuff yourself with food for breakfast, you will hardly want to face something you don't like later.

I didn't like certain things and I prefer roasted meat and industrialized things, but when I was in Japan I didn't mind facing unfamiliar or meatless foods. I myself can only have lunch if I have meat for lunch, but in Japan I supported myself with just one misoshiru or go up.

Some things can make us not like certain foods:

  • Our taste buds are motivated by odors;
  • Lack of seasoning in the food served;
  • The appearance of the food can be annoying;
How to enjoy eating Japanese food?

Have you had bad experiences with sushi?

I wanted to try popular Japanese cuisine in Brazil, but didn't like it? My friend ate sushi for the first time and hated it, now he got hooked and keeps calling me for direct carvery. This was because he chose a bad restaurant.

Try to choose a decent Japanese restaurant. If the rice is not good, you will hardly like sushi, especially if you usually blame raw fish. There is not only fish or raw sushi. Sushi is anything wrapped in seaweed.

Japanese foods tend to have a bittersweet flavor, which can confuse many newcomers to Japanese cuisine.

Tips on how to eat something you don't like:

  • Find dishes that help you to deceive your taste buds;
  • Cut the food you don't like into very small pieces;
  • Have a drink before and after putting the food in your mouth;
  • Make things tasty last, so it will remove the flavor you hate;
  • Try to avoid thinking about how the food was prepared, if that is the reason;

The hardest foods to eat in Japan

Bad and hard-to-eat foods are often the healthiest. That is why some people want to learn to eat certain foods that seem scary.

How to enjoy eating Japanese food?

Natto it is fermented soybeans, which have a very strong smell and a very viscous texture. It seems disgusting to eat, but the Japanese like it mainly because of the numerous health benefits.

Ovo cru it is another crucial ingredient in Japanese cuisine. Japanese people usually break and put them on top of a warm rice or some other dish. Many Brazilians end up liking this way of eating eggs. Is it dangerous to eat raw eggs?

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