How to learn Japanese over the internet?

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With the pandemic and social isolation, many Brazilians became interested in learning new languages on the internet. According to data collected by the portal GUIA55, only between March and April of this year, internet searches for Japanese courses grew 214%. If you love Japanese culture and therefore want to learn the language in order to get deeper into the subject, see our tips for using virtual media to your advantage:

Watch, read and listen

Audiovisual is one of the best ways to start becoming familiar with the language. No wonder, many people manage to increase their foreign vocabulary just by watching movies and series. So, before starting a formal course, you can watch Japanese productions with English subtitles. That way, when you start to learn the meaning of the words, you'll remember some of them because you've already heard them. In addition to aiding in the assimilation of information, it also aids in correct pronunciation.

Over time, when you begin to learn Japanese writing, speaking, and listening, you can evolve and take out the English subtitles. Doing this with productions you've watched will help increase understanding and assimilate more words. In addition to movies, series and Anime, listening to music in the language can also help a lot.

As you begin to formally learn writing and reading, the ideal is to take advantage of the manga that help in learning. Many of them are easy to read, ideal for learning new words and memorizing the ones you have already learned, and are very easy to find on the internet.

How to learn Japanese over the internet?

Use vocabulary fixing apps

There are several apps available for cell phones that are aimed at fixing foreign vocabulary. With them, you will be able to increase your knowledge of the language in a way similar to a game. Even though these applications may seem very basic, the use of them is very important to learn more words and to fix the knowledge acquired through repetition.

Interact with other people who are also learning

Through internet forums and social networks, it is possible to meet other people who are also learning Japanese. This way, you can exchange knowledge and start drafting dialogues in the language without the pressure of being conversing with someone fluent. This helps a lot to lose the insecurity in relation to the acquired knowledge.

As you increase your capacity for dialogue and vocabulary, you should consider evolving and talking to someone who is already fluent in Japanese. For that, there are also some chat apps, which connect the natives of the country with people from various places who are wanting to learn the language.

How to learn Japanese over the internet?

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