Am I an otaku? How to Identify the Different Types of Otaku?

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Hey, how's it going? Do you consider yourself an otaku? How do you know you're even an otaku? What are the different types of Otaku? To answer these and other questions this article was made, because in it we will also learn how to identify an otaku, and I hope that after reading, you will have a new view on the subject.

I believe that most people who will read this article already have an idea of what it means, but do not have a specific and broad notion of the subject. As for example the various types of otakus that exist and not just the anime and manga.

But let's go in parts, soon we will start with the literal definition of the term and how it applies to people's lives, just remembering that the use of the term may vary a little depending on the place, here in Brazil for example, the term has a different use of the use of Japan.

It is worth remembering that we have also written a long article explaining what Otaku means and its essence. You can read it by clicking here. We have a summary of the article on the meaning of Otaku in the video below:

The Essence of Being Otaku

Otaku is a Japanese term for people who have a kind of obsessive interest in something, for example manga and anime, but it can also be in games or even more mundane things like weapons and fishing. Anyway, "obsessive interests" can be exchanged for addiction, it's not correct but it's also applicable, it's just not so elegant.

However, its use can also be used in a pejorative and negative way, like the “addict” himself, since most of the time it is used as something to degrade. Until today, this view, mainly in Japan, is seen as negative, but it has been changing due to the increasing number of people who identify with this term, all over the world.

We can compare this term with others in the west, which are “geek” and “nerd”, the problem is that in Japan it is used in a more derogatory way. However, as I said at the beginning of the article, the term is extended to designate fans of any particular theme, topic, hobby or form of entertainment.

Am I an otaku? How to identify the different types of otaku?

How do you identify an otaku?

I particularly don't know how to do this without living with it, after all it's the same thing as trying to identify a drug user, you won't know if he doesn't want you to know. For example, I am an anime otaku and in my social circles no one other than my friend also an anime otaku knows this information. Did you understand?

But there are those who cannot control themselves and show their particular interests to the people around them, these are the easiest to identify. But there can be several other different cases, however the best way to identify an otaku is socializing. One method is for you to ask someone close, like your mother or a sister.

Now let's go to the dilemma of many, how to identify the addiction itself? For me it's very simple, just try to spend some time without doing what you like, in my case, I soon get upset if I don't watch anime for more than 3 days, there are people who can take it much longer, however only when the need dictates.

If you really want to test yourself, just try to access the internet normally, but without accessing any fansub or streamer site to watch anime, read manga or the like. If you can easily, congratulations you're not an otaku, but if you can't beat the will, congratulations you are an otaku.

Am I an otaku? How to identify the different types of otaku?

Different Otaku personalities

A study revealed that there are five categories of otakus, all of which are personality-based, as some tend to be different in regards to their addiction than others. For example, I hide my interests from social groups, but my friend doesn't hide them from anyone, so we can classify them into five, which are as follows:

*I'm going to Brazilianize the terms to make them more practical.

closet otaku: this is that guy who is worried about his family and what they might think. He has the most dynamic interests and is the one with the most mature personality among those categories.

"Remarkable" Otaku: well, not much to say, as this category is marked by individuals who want to leave a legacy and their marks to be recognized. His interests are in the fields of mechanics and business.

Diverse and exposed otaku: yes, not all of them have to choose just one area of interest, and this one in particular is the one he is most proud of his personality, as he shares as much as he can with other people.

Extroverted and Assertive Otaku: I think youtubers who share content from anime, manga, any other hobby, fit perfectly into this category. They also often gain fame by promoting their hobby.

Otaku from fan magazines (fanart): it is exactly what it seems, but it is difficult for those who do not know the famous works of fans. Yes, there are works that fans produce from their personal interests, for example, there are fanfics and doujinshi. Basically that otaku who thinks he can give his personal touch.

Am I an otaku? How to identify the different types of otaku?

Different types of otaku

Well, now let's put some types so you know that there is not just one type or something isolated. There are numerous types since any hobby, form of private entertainment, etc., is potentially an attractive opportunity for people who become addicted, for example, in addition to anime and manga we have otakus in:

  • PC;
  • Maid(maids);
  • gamer;
  • Mobile IT;
  • Audiovisual equipment;
  • Camera;
  • Fashion;
  • Rail;
  • Military;
  • Fishing;
  • Cosplay;
  • Vocaloid;
  • Figures;
  •  Professional wrestling;

And several others that I will not mention here. But just with these examples you can already see that it covers several areas.

Are you or are you not an Otaku?

I hope I have helped you in something, and just remembering that some otakus don't like to be criticized for their interests, so be very careful when you criticize something, you can end up with negative consequences.

And it helps a lot if you share your experience of when you realized you were an otaku, if you are one, and if you have any doubts just do what I indicated in this article to confirm and then tell the result.

Anyway, that's all this article can offer. If you have any questions, criticisms, suggestions or anything like that, just leave your comment below, and don't forget to share the page on social networks. Anyway, thank you for reading this article so far and until the next one, bye.

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