How to be happy in Japan or anywhere

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We are living in the generation of complaints, social networks are full of people complaining about absolutely anything, whether it's a joke, insecurity, salary, customs, food, everything. Anything positive or nice you share, someone will come along to complain.

There are always reasons for complaints, our Brazil is going through a financial crisis, insecurity here is worse than in war countries and the population has not collaborated socially. And of course even those Brazilians who are in Japan or in some other country they do not live in a paradise as others think. We all face difficulties, whether financial, some illness or family problem.

Because of these numerous problems, we are sometimes not happy. Many seek to know how to find happiness in this troubled world, but what is happiness? Each person has a different idea of happiness, some feel happy in a calm environment, while others feel happy in a party or mess. This is one of the main reasons why we think that some people complain with a full belly, or are already satisfied in their comfort zone, each person is happy in a way.

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Is it possible to be happy in Japan or anywhere else?

In this article I want to give you some tips to help you increase and find happiness. You must find it and not a country, money, or family that will bring it to you. Remembering that this article can be applied to anyone who lives anywhere, but as our site is about Japan, we put it in focus in the title of the article.

How to be happy in japan or anywhere

Think positive

The big reason many people are unhappy is that they can only see the bad sides of things. And on top of that, they end up spreading that unhappiness to others. The world is already shit, why make it worse? I think everyone is aware that everything has bugs and problems, take any pretty picture and try to zoom in and you will see thousands of pixels that make the image blurry and ugly.

Life is beautiful if we look if we think positive and stay away from people who exude negative and bad things. Of course life is not going to be wonderful and we must also be aware of the problems. It's normal to always look for the best for us, keep safe and have rights. The problem is that lately people have been complaining a lot about silly things and the controversy is that things that should complain don't complain.

Have you ever wondered why children live happily, playing and having fun? Is it not because of your innocence and unconcern for life?

How to be happy in japan or anywhere

think far

Many are used to their comfort zone and think that the world or country they live in revolves only around that. Most people's thinking is negative and very short, they think they won't get something and say that other people won't either. I get tired of hearing people with thoughts like:

  • For live in Japan, just being a descendant;
  • Employment in Japan only manufactures and overtime;
  • Making money online is impossible;

If you have dreams, don't let those short, negative thoughts guide you. Think far, imagine yourself fulfilling all your dreams and goals, and run after them. Dreaming doesn't hurt anyone and still provides satisfaction. I realized my dream, I got to know Japan and work in the comfort of my home, and I'm chasing many other dreams.

Be happy in japan

It's not just dreams you should think Away, this past week I heard a very interesting illustration and I would like to quote it here: A person found several men working on a construction site carrying stones.

he arrived at first man and asked: What are you doing? The Man replied: Can't you see? I'm carrying these stones. But this man was not clear enough. Then the person went to second man and asked the same thing: The Man replied: I am cutting these stones to fit them in one place. This man answered the question in more detail but was not clear enough. That person went to ask a third man who replied: Didn't you know? We are building the King's castle.

Did you get anything out of this illustration? Can you think about the long term, the future, or something big? Or will you just live stuck in your comfort zone?

How to be happy in japan or anywhere

Don't think what others think

This is the biggest mistake most people make. They want to base their ideas and draw conclusions from other people's lives, or they simply want to put their concept of happiness in others. If you're a smart person, don't live off other people's stories.

Unfortunately most people can only see the bad side of things, and that's exactly what they tend to spread as a life experience and definition of something. Because of these ideas and thoughts, many still believe that the Japan is a country full of suicides, deaths from earthquakes and prejudice. So, never believe what people say, research, have your own conclusions. If you base your life on other people's you will never be happy.

Another example is that many look to religions to be happy, but the only thing they do is follow and listen to what the Religious Leader has to say. They end up becoming dependent on them and unable to have thoughts of their own. This is terrible, many end up being deceived by false beliefs and with tithing. If you are a Christian, follow and study the bible and not religious leaders. If you are an atheist or not a Christian, likewise avoid thoughts of others and have your own thoughts, of course all within a limit. We do not want to convey the idea of individuality, but rather to prevent people from being dominated and deceived by others.

How to be happy in japan or anywhere

Other tips for finding happiness

Many try to find happiness through media, addictions, immorality and unchecked entertainment and end up living empty and meaningless lives. Below I will leave some small tips listed:

  • be ethical – Reflect on norms, values and society;
  • Study a lot – Knowledge will make you reflect;
  • Believe in love – The loneliness that brings unhappiness;
  • Be grateful – Gratitude brings happiness;
  • Raise your expectations - Dream big;
  • follow goals – A life without a goal is without a goal;
  • take good care of your body – No health without strength;
  • Be simple – Avoid unnecessary worry;
  • follow examples – Let yourself be guided by happy people;
  • have optimistic friends – get close to happy people;
  • forgive! – Bury the past to live happily;
  • Take a shot! – Better to fail than never to have tried;

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