How long takes to travel to Japan?


In this little article, we will answer a simple question: How long takes to travel to Japan? We are talking about the time to arrive in Japan, by planes, by ships or swimming. The answer to this question is relative, it will depend on where do you live, who is the airline and so on. If you confused this question to how long I can travel in Japan like a tourist, the answer is three months.

How long takes to travel to Japan by plane

In September 2016, I went on a trip from Brasilia, Brazil, to Narita Tokyo by the airline Emirates. It takes about 32 hours, counting on the exchanges of airplanes in São Paulo and Dubai. The time inside the plane was about 15 hours from São Paulo to Dubai and 9 hours from Dubai to Tokyo, it was one day inside a plane.

The most flights from São Paulo to Tokyo take about 30 hours, being one day inside a plane. Some airline can take 50 hours, changing the plane two times before arriving in Tokyo. If you live in Portugal, the trip is faster and it usually lasts 16 – 20 hours.

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This article was originally written in portuguese Brazil. The distance and time will depend on the country you are in.

  • Distance from USA (Seattle) to Brazil (Brasilia) is 10171 kilometers or 6320 miles or 5492 nautical miles;
  • Distance from USA to Japan is 7713 kilometers or 4793 miles or 4165 nautical miles;
  • United States to Japan it takes about 11 to 15 hours to travel;

How long takes to travel to Japan by ship

It will depend on the cruise or freighter you take, most of them last about 40-60 days. A trip by ship usually does various stops, requiring visas and vaccines. If the ship does not do the stop, it can arrive in 15 days.

Some factors, like climate and weather, can advance or delay the trip by ship, some options can take three months to arrive in the destiny. The difference between a cruise and a freighter is that a freighter does not carry a lot of people and it is cheaper.

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Curiosities about time and distance of Japan

Bellow, let’s do some math to see some interesting and curious conclusions. The distance between São Paulo and Tokyo in a straight line is 18.555 kilometers. Let’s use this distance to do the math with impossible transports.

If there were a road from Brasil to Japan to cars, a car traveling at 100km/h would take 7 days or 185 hours to arrive at the destination. Unfortunate no road can be a straight line. So if the ocean does not exist, the trip would last 15 days by car, with curves and some pauses.

If it was possible to walk to Japan, it would last 154 days walking at 5 km/h without pause. To a normal human, it is impossible to walk all of this without break. It would take one year or more to walk until Japan.

A bicycle at 25 km/h would take 30 days. A bullet train at 300 km/h would take two days. A slug that walks at 0,0099 km/h would take 78.093 days, that is 213 years. I hope you had liked these curiosities.

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