How to buy by Play-Asia – Games and Anime products

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Buying on foreign websites usually scare in some due to the famous fees that customs charges. Yet there is a huge advantage in buying from abroad. In this article I want to introduce you to a tutorial and some tips on how to buy by Play-Asia, one of the best gaming sites and related products in the world.

A wonderful novelty happened at Play-Asia, now you can buy with boleto in Brazil and still split up to 6x on the card. Thus showing that Play-Asia preyes the Gamers and Otakus from all over Brazil and is always trying to facilitate our online purchases.

How to buy by Play-Asia - Games and Anime products - play asia 1

Play-Asia sells games, consoles, controls, accessories, books, code cards, toys, action figures, clothing, discs, movies and various other things. Always be aware of the product region at the time of purchase, this can influence the language and whether your console will be able to run it due to the region lock (which does not exist on the current consoles).

Article Summary

Play-Asia displays the value of the products in real and usually offers free shipping for some products and games. Even if you have to pay the freight, the amounts are lower than the free market (less than 20 reais). Play-Asia accepts international visa and mastercard credit cards, Paypal, Skrill and even bitcoin.

The products in stock are usually shipped within 24 hours and take about 2 to 8 weeks to get to your home. Delays can happen because of customs, and the order can take up to 3 months to arrive. Fortunately this is unlikely with the new import methods.

Click here to access the Play-Asia website

We created a short video summing up some things from the article, I hope you like it. (I'm not a video professional… It's just a summary, read the article)

Tutorial and Basic Tips for Using Play-Asia

The first obvious thing you need to do is create your account by clicking here. The site is in Portuguese, but with several texts without translating into English. To get started, just add your email and a password and move on. You will receive an email to confirm the creation of your account.

When you are already logged in, you need to add your personal data and address. Be very careful and fill in the data correctly. Once you've added all your account data, you can search for your favorite product. Use site search and filter the type of product you want.

Check the available in stock only option in the left menu of the site to show only the products that are in stock. You can also check the discount only option to display products that are discounted.

How to buy by Play-Asia - Games and Anime products

Read carefully any product description to make no purchases wrong. Read also the comments and make sure that the product is not from any auction used, because this affects the price of freight.

When you have found the product you want, just go in the cart click checkout. Now you will choose the address, then choose the freight (stay tuned for the tips to choose the freight below), choose the payment method and pay!

Some banks like Itau require typing the itoken to pay with the card. After paying for his product, within 24 hours he will already be sent, within a week he will already be in Brazil, now will depend on customs the time it takes to get to your home.

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Click here to access the Play-Asia website

Tips for buying in Play- Asia and not being taxed

Packages below $50 can be taxed, especially if the package has the company logo, so choose the neutral package. Avoid asking Play-Asia to lower the package amount to stay below $50 because it's no use, the inspectors aren't dumb. Especially if the producer is too expensive.

If you paid a value of less than $50 and have still been taxed, you can contest the amount of the tax. For this you fill out an application that can be found in the mail or on the internet.

Always choose the cheapest and most economical freight. Express and more expensive freight such as DHL, Fedex, UPS and TNT has a 100% chance of being taxed. Don't forget to click Neutral/Gift Packing Options to select the package type and choose Neutral Packing.

The tax may be higher than the 60% people imagine. That's because there are other tax taxes. Don't think you'll always have the advantage to buy from abroad, sometimes it's usually more advantageous to buy in Brazil.

You can freely buy games and products below 150 reais. Remember that books can never be taxed, so feel free to buy your manga, artbooks and other printed publications.

Import in times such as Christmas, Easter and other commemorative dates. Holidays in Brazil dramatically increase imports, thus facilitating your product being shipped without being taxed, the big problem is that you will probably have backfall in delivery.

With regard to the tax of 15 reais of the postal order of Brazil, it is able for you to avoid if your order is ePacket / EMS. The tracking codes that start with CP, LZ, EA and LX are from China and are also usually exempt from postal dispatch.

Ready to buy at Play-Asia?

Don't try to sneak, be prepared to pay the tax, do a simulation and see if it's worth it. Don't be afraid to be taxed, it's thousands of orders and few tax. Good luck! Don't even think about buying multiple products at once in the same freight. With the new import rules, your chances of being taxed may have increased.

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I hope you enjoyed all these tips I left in the article! We recommend using our referral link to enter the site and make your purchases, this is a way to thank you for the article we wrote. Sharing it with friends will also help a lot! We thank all of you for doing this!

Recently I bought a couple of joy-cons orange and blue for only 250 reais with freight, in brazilian stores you do not find for less than 400 reais. Buying by Play-Asia has many advantages! Play-Asia is the safest store I know to buy these things. Their service is great, and they always respond to emails.

Click here to access the Play-Asia website

Have you bought or met Play-Asia? What's your experience? Be sure to comment here your experience with other users of the site. Thank you and until the next one! We recommend reading also:

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