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Have you ever wondered what Gundam is? What is the correct order to watch the countless anime gundam that exist? How did the Gundam franchise come about? How did the popularity of these robots affect the entire world? What is the timeline of the Mobile Suit Gundam universe? In this article we will see a complete guide to this mecha robot franchise popular in Japan and worldwide.

When you were a child, did you ever see those toys that had robot mecha shapes? If I left it too vague, I will rephrase the question. In any child's childhood, he will certainly receive some kind of toy, be it strollers, puzzles, board games, dolls etc. So, among these toys there are those with robot shapes. Yes those who most of the time had humanoid shapes full of weapons, details in armor, well designed etc. So, have you ever played or had experiences with these Robots?

Most of the answers, I believe, will be “yes”, unless you are an older person. In this Post we will talk about these Robots, more specifically what gave rise to this popularity that robots have in Japan today. Just stressing that these Robots are of international brand and are successful in Japan in the world. At least those that are official, that is, manufactured by the Registered trademark.

Origins of the Mobile Suit Gundam

Mobile Suit Gundam (MSG), or simply Gundam, is an anime franchise. As part of the mecha genre, its plot is wrapped up in Robots that are used as military weapons. Making it clear that in this regard, MSG was the first anime to use giant robots, the main part of the mecha genre, as weapons. Well, the interesting thing would be the kind of wars and combats that they are going to be put into. But with advanced technological robots, would space wars be a surprise?

With an extremely technologically advanced world, this would be possible. And with the robots in this world of science fiction, put into space combat, there was no way to go wrong, and this is proven by the success he has done and does today. And it is clear that the industry would not pass up the opportunity to make money.

The name Gundam is short for Gun and Freedom (in Japanese, furidamu). In Japanese Gundam is written gandamu (ガンダム).

Gundam - guia completo dos rôbos e animes + linha do tempo

The Mobile Suit Gundam Franchise

Created by Yoshiyuki Tomino and Hajime Yatate at Sunrise Studio in 1979. Gundam got off to a rough start. But his success started in the 80s and as I said before, he still endures today, and with that time he has accumulated from anime to video games. Sunrise is known for creating anime franchises with robot robots like the famous Code Geass.

To be more exact, Gundam is also a franchise. And your brand produces several products with this topic, such as anime, movies, OVAs, manga, novels, video games and even parodies of anime. This franchise was so successful that a giant statue was created in the neighborhood of Odaiba Tokyo.

This franchise is on behalf of the multinational Bandai Namco, and is the most profitable of the company. It contains the patent for the products in the entire series. But, while audiovisual products such as anime and movies are the main generator of income. The plastic models of the robots, are another great generator, they are called Gunpla (Gundam Plastic models).

Gundam - guia completo dos rôbos e animes + linha do tempo

History of the Gundam franchise

Gundam is a highly elaborate anime, its science fiction genre revolutionized the market with its advanced universe theme and its war tactics that included robots and space battles. Their stories were also carefully elaborated so as not to generate conflicts in the plot, both in the main plot and in the plots of the anime series that would later stray from the main story.

In 1994, Sunrise, the original producer, was bought by Bandai. And at this time Bandai invested in this anime, increasing the presence of Gundam in all types of media. She also hired different creative teams for the series. That's because Gundam had room for more stories because of its alternative universes, that is, different stories but in the same MSG universe (another tactic to expand the franchise used by Bandai).

Bandai's focus was not on history, companies value generating income instead of a plot. And since Bandai wanted to expand market opportunities through the various potential stories, it decided to invest in several stories from alternative universes regardless of whether or not it would continue the main series. For this reason, the anime in the Gundam series seems a little incomplete, and it is also the reason that there are several different Anime in the Gundam series.

Gundam - guia completo dos rôbos e animes + linha do tempo

The main anime of Gundam

As there are several Animes in this series. It would be counterproductive to explain, or rather, try to explain everyone here in this article. I don't want it, I'm sure you don't want it too. For this reason I will comment only on the main anime, which would be the first to be released and from which the thematic universe was taken as the basis for all other alternative universes.

The name is nothing new, Mobile Suit Gundam, also known as Gundam 0079, was aired in 1979 and released with 43 episodes. With the mecha genre, it was written and directed by Yoshiyuki Tomino. The series was re-edited and reduced later to be transformed into 3 films for theaters

  • Mobile Suit Gundam I: released on March 14, 1981;
  • Mobile Suit Gundam II: Soldiers of sorrow: released on July 11, 1981;
  • Mobile Suit Gundam III: Encounters in Space: released on March 13, 1982;
Gundam - guia completo dos rôbos e animes + linha do tempo

Synopsis Of Mobile Suit Gundam

In the anime, the earth is suffering from overpopulation and pollution. In this situation, the solution was to colonize the space. For that, innumerable space colonies were created around the earth, these colonies were called Sides ("sides" or "parallel"). This resulted in the beginning of a new era, the space age, and was named UC 0001 (Universal Century).

After 58 years of peace, humanity has grown to 11 billion inhabitants. In UC 0058 the colony named Side 3, the most distant from the land, declared its independence from the land. Don't ask me what the logic is. But under the command of one Zeon Zum Daikum, the Republic of Zeon was created, also called Zion. However despite independence, the two parties still maintained good relations, but in UC 0068 Zion was killed, and the Republic was in control of a family of tyrants, called Zabi. And with that, the Republic of Zeon declared in UC 0079, war against land. This war became known then, as War of One Year.

Gundam - guia completo dos rôbos e animes + linha do tempo

About 3 billion people died because of the destructive power of the nuclear and biological weapons used in the war. An agreement made between the sides, definitively prohibited the use of these armaments. After that, 8 months of peace passed.

At this time Zion built war robots, which were named Zaku. With 18 meters of height and piloted by a human being. In contrast, the earth made the Gundam RX-78-2 (they could have put an easier name).

The land began mass production of the Gundam after its success. And with this a final attack was launched against Zion and its commander, the antagonist of the series Char aznable.

Gundam - guia completo dos rôbos e animes + linha do tempo

Gundam's Timeline

Although it seems like a simple story. Gundam has a "complicated" timeline and is often modified at the pleasure of the creators, who are to blame for there being so many alternative universes. The latter may or may not modify the main line.

But in any case, what I'm going to put next is just the timeline of the main story. And based on it, the other stories will develop. Therefore, I advise those who wish to start watching or even those who already watch and want to better understand the anime, to pay close attention to this timeline.

Sometimes we will write GUN-DAM or abbreviate as GM or MSG for reasons of mobile aesthetics and not to negatively affect the SEO of the article. I hope you don't mind this!

Universal Century

Universal Century (UC) is the original English name for the MSG timeline. In Japanese it is called "Uchuu Seiki", which means "The Space Age". Universal Century is the most developed timeline in this franchise with a major advantage over others. It has four TV series, four OVA series, fifteen theatrical releases and several specials.

  • UC 0068: MOBILE SUIT GUN-DAM I Blue-Eyed Casval (2015);
  • UC 0071: MOBILE SUIT GUN-DAM THE ORIGIN II Artesia's Sorrow (2015);
  • UC 0078: MOBILE SUIT GUN-DAM THE ORIGIN III Dawn of the Rebellion (2016);
    • MOBILE SUIT GUN-DAM THE ORIGIN IV Eve of Destiny (2016);
  • UC 0079-0080: MOBILE SUIT GUN-DAM (1979-1980);
    • MOBILE SUIT GM: Team 08 MS (1996 - 1999);
    • MOBILE SUIT GM MS IGLOO (2004 - 2009);
    • MOBILE SUIT GM 0080: War in the Pocket (1989);
    • MOBILE SUIT GM Thunderbolt (2015-2017);
  • UC 0083: MSG 0083: Memory Stardust (1991 - 1992);
  • UC 0087-0088: MOBILE SUIT ZETA GM (1985 - 1986);
    • ZETA GUNDAM: A New Translation (2005 - 2006);
  • UC 0088-0089: MOBILE SUIT GM ZZ (1986 - 1987);
  • UC 0093: MOBILE SUIT GM: Char's counterattack (1988);
  • UC 0096: MOBILE SUIT GM UNICORN (2010 - 2014);
  • UC 0123: MOBILE SUIT GM F91 (1991);
  • UC 0133: MOBILE SUIT GM (1994 - 1997);
  • UC 0153: MOBILE SUIT VICTORY GM (1993 - 1994);
  • UC 0203: GAIA GEAR (1987);
  • UC 0223: G-salvador (2001);

Century of the Future

Future Century is the timeline of another anime television series, based on the MSG universe, this one was called Mobile Fighter G Gundam, and also includes its related projects. I will abbreviate it as FC, not to be repetitive.

  • FC 60: MOBILE FIGHTER G GUNDAM (1994 - 1995)

After the Colony / Century of Mars

After Colony is the timeline of the MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM WING series, another series in the franchise, and is often abbreviated as "AC". The AC timeline develops the space colonies 'struggle for freedom from the Earth-based organization (such as United Earth Sphere Alliance and Zodiac Organization), in these struggles the Gundans were built as a way to defend the colonies' suffering to escape this oppression.

Mars Century, which has the abbreviation "MC", continues the timeline of AC, and takes place on Mars. The story takes place inside the Sphere of Mars and is interrupted by flashbacks of the history of the post-colony era. AC has the third most well-developed timeline, with a TV series, an OVA series and a compilation film. MC consists of a novel.

  • AC 195: NEW MOBILE REPORT FROM GM (1995 - 1996)
  • AC196: NEW MOBILE REPORT: GM WING: Endless Waltz (1997)
  • MC 0022: NEW MOBILE REPORT FROM GM WING: Frozen Teardrop (2010-2015)


After War is the timeline defined after an apocalyptic war world and has many similarities to UC. After War is the only timeline, other than UC, to present Newtypes as an important element. We will abbreviate with the acronym AW

  • AW 15: AFTER WAR GUNDAM X (1996)

Correct Century

Correct Century is the timeline used in ∀ GUNDAM. Its Japanese name, 'Seireki', is a play on the Japanese term for the Western Common Period (CE) calendar system (暦暦; also pronounced Seireki). Your kanji literally means "Correct Calendar". And we will abbreviate it with CC.

  • CC 2343-2345: ∀ GUNDAM (1999 - 2000)

Cosmic era

Cosmic era (abbreviated as "CE") is the timeline of the SEED Gundam series. It is the second timeline developed by several TV series. It is also the second most developed, with two TV series, one ONA and two compilation films.


Anno Domini

Anno Domini is a timeline where Gundam 00 events take place (which uses the Gregorian calendar, the calendar used in the West). Then we will use AD as an abbreviation for After Christ.

  • AD 2307-2308: MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM 00 (Season 1) (2008)
  • AD 2312: MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM 00 (Season 2) (2009)
  • AD 2314: MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM 00 The Movie -A wakening of the Trailblazer- (2010)

Advanced Generation

Advanced Generation (usually abbreviated as "AG" or "AG") is the timeline of the Gundam Era. The age is established several hundred years, since mankind migrated into space and lived within space colonies. The wars on Earth ended a long time ago and the world seems to be in a peaceful era.

  • AG 115 - 164: MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM AGE (2012)
  • AG 141 - 164: MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM AGE: Memory of Eden (2013)

Century Regild

The Century Regild is the setting for Gundam Reconguista in G. It is defined chronologically about a thousand years after the end of CU and about 500 years after CC.

Century Regild 1014: GUNDAM RECONGUISTA in G (2015)


The Post Disaster era is a timeline set 300 years after a devastating war known as the “War of Calamity”. We will have PS as an abbreviation.

  • PD 323: MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM Iron Blood Orphans (Season 1) (2015)
  • PD 325: MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM Iron Blood Orphans (Season 2) (2016)

For more information about the MSG timeline or how manga and other MSG works fit into that timeline, we recommend visiting the Gundam Wiki.

Gundam as Hobby

Well, for those who don't know, collecting MSG dolls has become a very popular hobby especially in Japan. Companies profit a lot from sales. This hobby is also aimed at real robots inspired by the series. Companies invest heavily in these products because the market is favorable.

I researched and saw people of all ages, Gundam fans, with their giant collections of plastic robots. To have a basis on the price of a doll like this, I will put the address of a website that sells this type of product.

Unfortunately I have no basis for comparing only with numbers, but I will try to give a figure, clarifying that the economies of the two countries are totally different, so the values of markets and things like living costs and taxes are also different. So I don't know if they can be considered expensive or cheap.

Gundam – guia completo dos rôbos e animes + linha do tempo

Conclusion of the Article

Well, I particularly like this genre very much, after all, it is very successful and has many fans around the world. It even has a name for anyone who is addicted to Mecha. But the important thing is that with this article you became more informed and maybe even cleared up any doubts you had. In my opinion robots are interesting, and I like it when it involves fantasy. A good example is the anime Knight's and magics.

I hope this article has helped to cure your curiosity. At the most I can just ask for any doubts, suggestions, criticism or others of the kind you can share commenting down there. This article ends here, and thanks to you, my dear reader, for reading this article so far. Until the next article.