Great Teacher Onizuka GTO - 2012 - A teacher that everyone would like to have

GTO is famous for its manga, anime and an old 1998 drama, both of which are worth watching, and if you don’t, this article will recommend you to get to know this great work.

Great teacher onizuka gto - 2012 - a teacher that everyone would like to have

The focus of this article is on the 2012 remake drama, which is not well known in the West. Both works tell the story of Eikichi Onizuka is a 22-year-old boy who is the leader of a biker gang and has a black belt in karate. Until one day he decides to become a school teacher, and ends up with a terrible classroom that hates teachers. Using unconventional methods, he tries to put his students on the line, becoming friends, understanding them and showing them that a teacher also has feelings.

Even though in a sleazy way, Onizuka ends up showing that it is not worth giving up on his dreams, and that nothing is impossible, being himself an example of this. If you are low in high esteem, discouraged, or want a little excitement, Watch !!!

Great Teacher Onizuka - What did I enjoy?

See an AMV with one of its most exciting soundtracks. (Has spoilers)

This was one of the first drama I watched, and it was the oldest anime I watched, because I hate watching anime in square resolution.

This is a real work that connects from beginning to end. Composed of 11 Episodes and 3 Specials, I even had to subtitle 2 specials because I couldn't find the subtitle in English TT

The characters, the soundtrack, the comedy, the action are fully present in this series. In addition to bringing a lot of emotion and life lessons.

Great teacher onizuka gto - 2012 - a teacher that everyone would like to have



The main character of the Onizuka series is played by Akira from the band EXILE. Even the opening theme of the drama is spectacular:




I believe there is no doubt that, in my opinion, GTO is a must for anyone who enjoys comedy and life lessons. It doesn’t matter if it’s the anime, manga or drama, check out this piece!

The success of the series was great, that a new season was launched (Continued) in 2014. And you can watch both the first season the specials and the new season for free on Crunchyroll, at the link below.

Click here to watch GTO

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