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Some should know that on February 20th the rules of YouTube will change once again to harm small channels. It is now necessary to have at least 4,000 hours watched and 1000 subscribers to be part of the YouTube partner program and have access to extra functions in addition to monetization.

I don’t care much about monetization, which is very low, but I still want to stay within the standards of YouTube so I don’t have to keep sending requests again to enter the program. So I want to ask for help from you site readers to subscribe on YouTube and watch our videos.

I do not like to post videos every day, I will not disturb your timeline and post only relevant content related to Japan, your language and games. In reality I rarely post videos, now that I intend to go full force on the channel and release weekly videos. That’s why I’m inviting you reader to subscribe to the channel.

We need 1000 subscribers and 3000 hours watched until the 20th. It seems like an impossible mission, so I prepared exclusive content as a reward, our first videos about the Japanese language in our VIP area. That’s why we invite you to subscribe to the channel below. If you are not interested in Japanese, just watch other videos on the channel to help.

VIP Area Videos - Introduction to Japanese


We will release until the 20th some exclusive videos from our VIP area that give an introduction to Japanese.

We want to hear your FeedBack! If you want to see other videos, just follow the channel and wait for the VIP area to be launched!

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