Franchise in Japan: Discover the 8 Best Segments to Invest

A new opportunity is on the horizon for Brazilians living in the Japan – the franchises.

Franchises are usually a safer way of doing business than starting a business from scratch would be. 

That's because the franchise network promotes a series of actions that benefit the franchisee, such as training, business plans, access to suppliers, support to help solve problems and more. 

For those who live outside Brazil, opening a franchise can be a safer way of investing and finally achieving the long-awaited labor autonomy. 


Usually, those who leave the country to try a better life abroad, work as an employee in the most diverse fields of work.

For those going to Japan, the scenario is no different. Most Brazilians are employed, but wish to become self-employed or bosses at some point. 

Japan has the third largest economy in the world and ranks the same as the largest franchise markets in the world.

With a population of more than 125 million people, is a heated consumer market and one of the Asian countries more open to Western trends. 


All these characteristics make Japan an ideal scenario for Brazilians who are thinking of opening a business abroad. 

But what kind of franchise to open?

Check out some options that can serve the Asian market. 

1st Ice Cream Franchise

Ice cream is a worldwide passion that prints traces of the culture wherever it goes. 

Proof of this are the various ways of making what we generically call ice cream: gelatto, palette, milkshake, artisanal ice cream, popsicles, Turkish ice cream, Thai ice cream…

Not to mention the countless flavors. Some like chocolate and vanilla are classics, but others express their origins, like soursop and tapioca ice cream, for example.


For every technique and for every taste, there is an ice cream franchise in Brazil. 

The portal icecream has a list of the largest Brazilian chains specializing in dessert. 

If you think this is the right business for you, visit the portal for more information.

Franchise in Japan: Discover the 8 Best Segments to Invest
Kakigori – かき氷 – Japanese Scratch Cards

2nd Tapioca Franchise

Tapioca is a typically Brazilian delicacy.

A typical food from regions North and Northeast, it became popular until it reached the most important capitals of the country and showed itself to be a promising market niche. 

It didn't take long for the “tapiocarias” to become franchises and spread throughout Brazil.

Why not spread this delight around the world?


It is an easy and quick food to prepare, with filling options for all tastes and that can be savored with your hands. 

It's perfect for big city lifestyles like Japan.

Crepes in japan - curiosities and recipe

3rd Cafeteria Franchise

Another worldwide passion on our list is coffee.


Brazil is the largest coffee producer in the world and the second largest in consumption. 

This caused many houses specialized in presenting different roasts and filtrations to spread across the country. 

In Japan, the love of coffee is not small either. There are even Japanese cafeteria franchises around the world.

But for sure, no one makes coffee like the Brazilian one, much less knows how to combine the flavors of the best accompaniments for this delicacy. 


The portal coffee shop franchise .com shows which Brazilian coffee shops are good candidates to step into the land of the rising sun. 

Franchise in Japan: Discover the 8 Best Segments to Invest

4th Aesthetics Franchise

The aesthetics market never ceases to grow around the world. 

Brazil is one of the biggest consumers in this market, which has allowed many stores specializing in various aesthetic services to proliferate. 


Many of them have become franchises specializing in, for example, eyebrows, waxing and laser hair removal.

Japan may have a culture more sober, but vanity is not non-existent on the other side of the planet. 

With the popularization of Brazilian beauty and their spending on aesthetics and cosmetics, many national trends gained abroad. 

Aesthetic franchises that feature typically Brazilian services always find thriving markets wherever they are taken. 

Escorts and prostitution in japan

5th Açaí Franchise

Our list is full of typical flavors Brazilians.

Açaí went from being a little-known product to being a national passion in a few years compared to what other products take to establish itself in the market. 

It quickly gained new mixtures, new flavors, new accompaniments and started to be found in the four corners of the country.

With this rapid expansion and there is still room for growth, successful stores selling the product quickly became franchises and became even more popular. 

Much more than a dessert, açaí, or açaí ice cream is, it is healthy, energetic, refreshing, delicious and also has the advantage of being personalized to the client's taste. 

It is a delicacy that will certainly win many international markets, as it is already winning, as is the case in the United States. 

If you want to take the delights of açaí to Japan, enter the portal and search for more information about your best options. 

6th Language Course Franchise

Japan is a highly literate country and, having a strong economy, attracts people of different nationalities for both business and housing. 

With this, the search for language schools in the country is very large.

The second most spoken language, besides Japanese, is certainly English, but due to its commercial relations with neighboring countries, languages such as Korean and Mandarin are also in great demand.

Also, with more and more people coming to Japan from other countries, Japanese for foreigners is a course which will be much in demand. 

Franchise in Japan: Discover the 8 Best Segments to Invest

7th Dental Franchise

Brazil is the country with the most dentists in the world, which was fertile ground for the creation of several dental franchises.

This is excellent for the consumer, because in addition to making the service cheaper, it also leads to its standardization, that is, more quality, with a fairer price. 

In Japan there is no shortage of dentists, but these services are just lacking with quality and, above all, accessible. 

It can be up to 6 times more expensive to undergo orthodontic treatment, for example, in Japan than in Brazil.

Furthermore, many dentists do not meet the needs of immigrants as well as they communicate only in Japanese.

Investing in a service with a good standard of quality and accessible to the pockets that earn in yen, is a great differential for the Japanese dental market.

If you want to know more about which dental franchises are available to do business overseas, go to the portal now dental

Dentistry - how much does a dentist cost in japan?

8th Chocolate Franchise

Last but not least, another Brazilian national passion is chocolate. 

The truth is that chocolate is a worldwide passion and not in Tupinikim lands.

Many essentially Brazilian chocolate franchises, with our own way of making chocolate, were born and prospered in recent decades. 

Our unique flavor blends bring sensations that only our chocolate has.

So this is another franchise to bet on the other side of the world. 

Franchise in Japan: Discover the 8 Best Segments to Invest


Franchises are a safer business compared to new ventures.

This is because franchise networks offer their franchisees a vast support network that promotes security, especially for first-class entrepreneurs travel.

Not getting many opportunities in their homeland, many Brazilians go to live abroad in search of a better life.

One of these destinations is Japan, sought after mainly by descendants. 

A good opportunity to get out of salaried employment and become your own boss in Japan is to invest in a franchise, as the country is the third market for this type of service in the world. 

Taking Brazilian franchises to Japan, in addition to being cheaper, offers even more room for growth, as there is little competition from other Brazilian products. 

If you were interested in opening your franchise in Japan or right here in Brazil, go to one of the portals we mentioned here and take the first step to be your own boss.