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Neste artigo gostaria de compartilhar minha opinião sobre FlexClip, um site/ferramenta semelhante ao famoso Canvas, mas focado na criação de vídeos para marketing digital.

A few years ago I looked for similar tools, but all I found were expensive and had no free options. I even spent an annual promotional plan on a tool I didn't use because of browser bugs.

Recently I had the opportunity to meet and test the FlexClip, although not related to Suki Desu, I make this article in a note of thanks for this wonderful tool, I hope to be able to draw in the future several videos for our channel using this tool.

I intend to write in more detail about this wonderful tool on my site kevinbk.com which has more to do with the subject. As far as I am still testing, soon some projects can be presented on our youtube channel.

Flexclip - online video editor

How does the FlexClip work?

FlexClip, in addition to being an online editing tool, offers free access to a huge collection of small scenes, images and sounds to add to your video.

This tool is perfect for creating marketing videos, paid announcements, wedding and event videos, invitations, to-do lists and more.

Just choose a template and customize it the way you want, editing the texts, positions, formats, colors, images, videos and background sounds to look like an original video.

The possibilities are endless. You can even test and access this tool for free at Flexclip official site by clicking here.

My opinion on the FlexClip

There are many similar tools on the market, but this was the only one accessible and it worked without bugs in my browser. Another thing I liked was the option to use it for free in good quality, perfect for those who do video marketing.

In the past I was never a fan of online tools, but as the speed of the internet has evolved quite a bit, nowadays it is very feasible to edit photos, videos and sounds within the internet browser.

I liked the way the program works. It separates scenes and allows direct editing without scripting without refreshing. You can also record a story at each dinner.

The advantages are many such as:

  • It works on computers without a dedicated video card;
  • It doesn't require much computer hardware;
  • It does not take up disk space;
  • Gigantic collection of paid images, videos and sounds;
  • Watermark Option;
  • Addition of elements in the fabric;
  • Adds transitions between scenes;
  • Available in Portuguese;
  • Support via Online Chat;
  • Option to cut and trim videos;
  • Rich text editor with transitions;
  • Complete edition of background audio, volume and others;
  • It allows to record the voice and narration;
  • Lets you rotate and zoom in on videos and scenes;
  • Fast and convenient video editing;
  • More than a million media for commercial use;
  • Real time editing;
Flexclip - online video editor

What can I do with FlexClip?

I decided to make a list of things we can do using this wonderful tool:

  • Intro and Enclosures for Channels;
  • Product Videos;
  • Marketing Videos;
  • Videos for social media;
  • Product presentation;
  • Anime List;
  • Top 10 Alguma coisa;
  • Affiliate sales videos;
  • Venue presentation videos;
  • Travel videos;
  • Things trailers;

That was the tool I wanted to present, I believe it will be very useful in creating videos for the social network and channel of Suki Desu. Now it's just a matter of time and encouragement for me to be able to create content for galley.

I appreciate a FlexClip for creating and allowing the use of a wonderful tool like this. If you liked it share it and leave your comments.

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