Female Japanese Names List with Kanji and meaning

Unlike most lists of Japanese names on the internet, in this article you will see a list of the ideograms (kanji) and their meanings. I hope you enjoy this huge list of feminine names with perfect meanings to put on your child or pet.

Remembering that the meaning is rather shallow and sometimes does not make sense, because it requires the person to know the ideogram (kanji) and its essence to understand the deep meaning of each name.

I recommend that before deciding the name of your daughter, make a long search of the meaning of these ideograms used in the jisho.org dictionary. See also a list of names of anime characters with meanings.

To make it easier to search, you can press CTRL + F and type the name you are looking for.

Unfortunately our List is limited and does not own 5% of the existing Japanese names nor does it specify details of their meanings. If you want to delve into Japanese names, we recommend some of the name dictionaries below:

Onamae-wa - nomes japoneses
Qual o seu nome?

Female Japanese Names

AI love
AIKA 愛佳love song
AIKO 愛子love child
AIMI 愛美love beauty
AKANE brilliant red
AKEMI 明美bright beauty
AKIKO 秋子 autumn child
AKIRA  bright
AOI  blue
ARISU アリスnoble sort
ASAMI 麻美morning beauty
ASUKA 明日香tomorrow fragrance
ATSUKO 篤子 kind child
AYA  colorful
AYAKA 彩花 color-flower
AYAKO 彩子 color-child
AYAME 菖蒲iris flower
AYANO 彩乃 my color or my design
AYUMI あゆみpace, stroll, walk
AZUMI あずみsafe residence
CHIE wisdom
CHIEKO 恵子wise child
CHIHARU 千春one thousand springs
CHIKA 散花scattered flowers
CHIKAKO 千香子very fragrant child
CHINATSU 千夏a thousand summers
CHIYO 千代a thousand generations
CHIYOKO 千代子child of a thousand generations
CHOU butterfly
EIKO 栄子long-lived child or splendid child
EMI 恵美 beautiful blessing
EMIKO 恵美子 beautiful child
ERI 絵理blessed prize
ETSUKO 悦子joyful child
FUJI wisteria 
FUMIKO 文子child of treasured beauty
HANA favorite or flower
HANAKO 花子flower child
HARU  clear up,
HARUKA 遙, 遥, 悠, 遼distance
HARUKI 春樹springtime tree
HARUKO はるこspring child
HARUMI 春美spring beauty
HIDEKO 秀子splendid child
HIKARI radiance
HIKARU  radiance
HIRO  abundant,
HIROKO 裕子 abundant child,
HIROMI 裕美 abundant beauty,
HISAKO 久子long-lived child
HISOKA  reserved
HITOMI pupil
HOSHI star
HOTARU firefly; lightning bug
IZANAMI イザナミfemale who invites
IZUMI fountain
JUN  obedient
JUNKO 順子 obedient child
KAEDE  maple
KAMEKO 上子superior child
KAMIKO 上子superior child
KAORI 香織fragrance weaving
KAORU fragrance
KATSUMI 勝美victorious beauty
KAZUE 一恵branch; first blessing; harmonious
KAZUKO 和子 harmonious/peaceful child
KAZUMI 和美harmonious beauty
KEIKO 恵子 blessed, lucky child,
KIKU chrysanthemum
KIMIKO 后子 empress child,
KIN  gold
KIYOKO 清子pure child
KIYOMI 清見pure beauty
KYOKO 恭子child of the city
KYOU  杏apricot, 2) capital,
MADOKA 円花circle, flower
MAIKO 舞子dancing child
MAKI 真紀 true chronicle/record,
MAKOTO  sincere, true
MANA affection, love
MANAMI 愛美 affectionate beauty
MARIKO 真里子true village child
MASA correct, just,
MASAKO 雅子elegant child
MASAMI 雅美elegant beauty
MASUMI 真澄 true lucidity
MASUYO 益世benefit the world
MAYUMI 麻弓true bow 
MEGUMI blessing
MI beauty
MICHI  pathway
MICHIKO 美智子beautiful wise child
MIDORI green, verdant
MIEKO 美枝子beautiful blessing child
MIHO 美保beautiful guarantee
MIKA 美香beautiful fragrance
MIKI 美紀 beautiful chronicle,
MINAKO 美奈子beautiful child
MINORI  truth
MISAKI 美咲beauty bloom
MITSUKO 光子light child or shining child
MITSURU  full or growing
MIWA 美和 beauty, harmony,
MIYAKO 美夜子beautiful night child
MIYOKO 美代子beautiful generation child
MIYUKI 美幸 beautiful fortune/happiness,
MIZUKI 美月beautiful moon
MOE budding
MOMO モモpeach
MOMOE 百恵hundred blessings
MOMOKO 桃子peach child
MORIKO 森子forest child
NANA ナナseven
NAO  docile
NAOKI 直樹 docile tree
NAOKO 直子 docile child or
NAOMI 直美above all; beauty
NATSUKO 夏子summer child
NATSUMI 夏美summer beauty
NOBUKO 信子faithful child
NORI  ceremony, regalia,
NORIKO 法子or 典子law child or exemplar child 
RAN lily or orchid
REI  bell,
REIKO 麗子lovely child
REN water lily
RIE 理恵valued blessing
RIKA valued fragrance
RIKO 理子jasmine child
RIN cold, dignified, severe 
RYO  brightness,
RYOKO 亮子 bright child
SACHIKO 幸子happy child
SAKI blossom
SAKIKO 咲子blossoming child; earlier child
SAKURA cherry blossom
SANGO さんごcoral
SAYURI 小百合lily
SETSUKO 節子temperate child
SHIGEKO 成子luxuriant child
SHIKA 鹿deer
SHINJU 真珠pearl
SHIORI 詩織poem; weave
SHIZUKA 静香quiet
SHIZUKO 静子quiet child
SORA  sky
SUMIKO 澄子clear/pure thinking child
SUSUMU progressing
SUZU bell
SUZUME sparrow
TAKAKO 隆子 elevated child,
TAKARA treasure
TAMIKO 民子child of the people
TERUKO 照子shining child
TOMIKO 美子fortune/wealth-child
TOMOKO 友子friendly child
TOSHIKO 敏子clever child
TSUKIKO 月子moon child
UME plum blossom
UMEKO 梅子plum blossom child
USAGI rabbit
YASU ヤスassertive child
YASUKO 康子peaceful child
YOKO 洋子foreign/ocean child and 2) sunny child
YORI よりservant to the public
YOSHI correct
YOSHIE 佳江beautiful river
YOSHIKO 好子favorite child
YUKA 由佳cause-good
YUKI happiness; good fortune
YUKIKO 由希子rare child
YUKO 優子affectionate
YUKO 裕子child of leisure
YUKO 祐子helpful child
YUMI 由美cause-beauty
YUMIKO 由美子cause-beauty-child
YURIKO 百合子hundred-perfect-child
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