Explaining the absence of articles

Suki Desu has always had the goal of writing daily articles about Japan and Japanese culture. Over these 5 years we have written over 1800 articles. But in the past few months that constancy has diminished.

For those who don't know me, my name is Kevin Henrique and I’m very transparent and open, so I don’t feel uncomfortable commenting on all the projects, problems and profitable intentions on the site.

Currently only I have been writing articles for the site. My current goal is to improve the reach of the site, for this reason I have been revising old articles and adding extra information and correcting Portuguese errors.

All corrected articles have a summary with all subtitles of the article. We are also adding more images and more information to improve Google ranking and the reader experience.


I have also spent more of my time studying SEO and Digital Marketing to try to improve the earnings generated by Suki Desu. Currently the site receives 500,000 monthly visits but does not generate a good income.

Although I am not satisfied with the monetization of the site, I want to make it clear that it supports itself and also manages to support me. Still, due to the number of visits, it should yield 10x more than it does.

Unfortunately we live in Brazil and the Adsense CPC is very low, especially in the Japan niche. We also have few products to advertise and receive commissions, not to mention that sometimes we lose that commission.

For this reason I am also giving special attention to my personal blog kevinbk.com where I talk mainly about digital marketing, creation and administration of websites and blogs.


I am happy to say that even though he receives only 100 daily visits, Kevinbk is already able to support himself and generate a considerable extra income. I have also given some attention to the abandoned learnwords.com

What is my goal for 2020

I bought a wonderful SEO course that is teaching me everything I need to further increase Suki Desu's reach. Who knows, in 2020 we will reach 1 million monthly visits?

In this course I am also learning how to do things I didn't do. Get backlinks on popular and authoritative sites, create authority rings, tiers, power banks and even some safe tricks.


Suki Desu also created a project later this year called Hacks from Japan. The objective of this project is to serve as a complete guide to make your trip to Japan economical and also the best of all.

In partnership with Roberto Pedraça, we really want this project to work. Soon we will release them to affiliates, if it works, his return may be enough to increase the content and invest more in the site.

I want to make it clear that I am also always open to new partnerships and co-productions. Feel free too, if you want to send an article to be published on the site, or a video to publish on youtube (nofollow) ...

I am also focused on writing and translating articles into English and even Japanese. Thus we reach an unexpected and much larger audience. If anyone wants to help, feel free.


IF THE - Set of techniques to improve positioning in Google searches.

My great frustration

My great frustration is that I dedicated over the course of my 5 years to growing the site, but I never had a considerable increase in my income. Every year generating the same amount, I actually had falls, despite the increase in visits.

I know friends who entered the Digital marketing a few months ago and already manage to generate fortunes thanks to investments in Facebook ADS and in the “Money” niche, I really feel far behind.

This scenario is going to change, now with my dedication to marketing studies, I hope to reach enough to visit Japan every year, or maybe live there? I want to bring the best content to my readers.

I keep dreaming and imagining, me and many followers and readers meeting in Japan and doing that role for Tokyo, Osaka, Okinawa, Hokkaido, Nagano and others. I want to help others realize that dream!

Even if it seems impossible for you to visit Japan due to your financial condition, don't give up! I came from a poor family, I didn't go to college, I did everything online, this has always been my goal! It was not easy…

I had people saying that I would never go to Japan. I had the opportunity to rub it in their faces twice… I had people who said that I would never be able to live on the internet… Now they ask me to teach them…

Know that everyone is welcome to enter this business called the internet. I write several articles about it on my personal blog, you just have to be patient to read, dedicate yourself strongly and apply everything I teach.


I mainly recommend the 2 articles below if you are interested in learning more:

Whenever we make a major update to an old article, it will be thrown to the front page of the site. So we ask you to reread and share, because there are old articles with 400 words that are now over 1500.

Remembering that another way to support the site is to always buy courses and products related to Japan through the links on our site. Be one online course or a product in Amazon Brazil.


A hug to all readers!