Let's expand Suki Desu! We need collaborators!


Suki Desu is going through a new phase, where we want to expand even more horizons by writing articles in English, Japanese and Spanish. I also made changes to the site with a simpler and minimalist layout, so some images look gigantic on Header (header) with a loss of gigantic quality.

In this article I am giving the opportunity to anyone who wishes to write articles in either Portuguese, Spanish, English or Japanese, or translate our articles into those languages. Also the opportunity for illustrators or designers to present minimalist art as the cover of the articles.

Articles can be sent as normal, no matter the language! Using our post creation form. The illustrations can be sent through social networks, or link through the form. You must choose an article that you want to have your illustration and send it.

  • If the article receives 2 illustrations at the same time, we will find a way to fit one of them within the article and another in the prominent art;
  • The image needs to be minimalist in the style of the tofugu.com website with a solid background color;
  • The image must have a width greater than 1800 (ideal 1900 × 900) the height cannot be greater than the width;
  • The articles sent can be modified;
  • Read the author's manual;

I want to do what I can

I am not currently looking to hire people to work, so I am asking for collaboration and I am offering exposure and advertising in exchange for services. Accept whoever you want, I'm not forcing anyone to work ...

I decided to talk about it here, because some ignorant people came to my page to criticize the fact that I offer marketing instead of cash payment. They think this is a devaluation of their work.

I understand this perfectly, since I worked in the area of webdesigner and was angry that there were people who made websites for less than 300 reais, making my clients believe that making a website for 1000 reais is expensive.

But at the same time that there are these illustrators who charge for their services, there are several other kind collaborators who help youtubers with their miniatures, or make art to post on social networks teaching Nihongo or other things. They do it for love, not money! What I offer here is the chance for these people's art to reach more people and possibly more customers.

Just as these illustrators criticized my marketing offer for illustration services, I criticize them for thinking that marketing is worthless. Soccer players only earn millions because of marketing and not for kicking a ball.

Backlinks on sites like mine are expensive, values can easily exceed 300 reais just to have a backlink on sites like mine.

Backlink is a URL that directs to another website passing certain credibility to the domain of that website, a link without the tag NoFollow.

I am offering an exhibition of minimalist art that is possibly a quick thing to do compared to traditional illustrations. A visibility that can reach up to 20,000 people per month in some articles.

In addition to a link or backlink to the author's page, we can even make a page on the website for the author to exhibit his art (as in tofugu). In addition, I am willing to give full support if the person wants to enter the field of marketing and entrepreneurship, I can help make a website for people or help them create a digital product.

I'm not asking anyone to become an employee of Suki Desu, if you already have a minimalist illustration and want to share it on our website in one of our articles, just send it. If you want to make just one art or many, that's fine.

We have other projects involving illustrations in the future, which can lead to profit. But I am currently offering a portfolio, backlink and a reach to thousands of people ... If you didn't like it, at least have a little respect for thoughts different from yours.

Example of the portfolio that tofugu makes with its illustrators:

Let's expand suki desu! We need collaborators!

About the cost of translating articles

The cheapest freelancers currently charge 10-20 reais per article. It is a cheap value that may even be within my reach. We can talk about it, but you need to keep in mind that this year I'm not looking to invest in writers.

Many write just for the pleasure of spreading Japanese culture around the world, gaining visibility or having a backlink on my website again. Not to mention that writing can be a way of learning, I myself created the Suki Desu because I intended to study Japanese and couldn't because of procrastination.

In the past, people exchanged banners between sites to generate visits, nowadays this has died and completely kills Google's ranking. Discreet links in articles are the best form of disclosure that anyone can have.

Everything needs to be discussed, so if you want to help Suki Desu by sending illustrations or writing and translating an article, just get in touch to exchange ideas. Or you can simply submit everything through the content creation forms on our website.

I am just a person, alone it is impossible to leverage business. I believe in reciprocity, so I guarantee that if you go for it, you can do it!

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