ESports: What do you know about it and what is the value of your prizes?

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Almost two years ago, the esports market emerged a lot all over the world, and it didn't take long for many championships and competitions represented by games to appear, it is worth mentioning here that this sport was widely popular and quickly gained great fame until that the number of tickets for the first tournament has reached over 1 billion tickets, and the number of its fans has reached And why is it so popular compared to other sports? Quite simply, entrepreneurs and investors see it as an indispensable investment treasure, not to mention a new way to generate huge financial returns.

Esports has not only been limited to competitions and tournaments, but has also extended to enter as a profitable asset in major financial markets. Similar to football and major sporting events, online esports betting has become unparalleled and has gained great fame and popularity in Middle Eastern and North African countries thanks to the financial returns achieved by betting.

Why has eSport been so successful?

Undoubtedly, traditional sports fans have less enthusiasm when watching football or basketball matches, especially after their team has won a big result, but enthusiasm and interaction in electronic games, not to mention honest competition and challenge between players who cannot be described, so these sports were widely popular in a very short period of time.

Esports are a big investment market

Although the esports market is a new market, the numbers have revealed that this market has a bright future, and the reason for this is the increasing number of investors and equity owners rushing to invest in this market, due to its huge profits. .

Even though the sports market is focused on professional gamers, in the future it will be a market for esports enthusiasts on a large scale to achieve the highest rate of revenue possible.

The most prominent esports tournaments

في الواقع ليس بطولة أفضل من في الرياضات الإلكترونية الإلكترونية ، بعض والدوريات تتمتع تغطية إعلامية أكبر غيرها ، أبرز الرياضات الإلكترونية ، ما يلي:

Overwatch League

This league is organized in the United States, and the league is competitive and challenging, and the winner of the final matches or players who achieve a high ranking in the league, are gaining great fame, and the number of followers all over the world increases in a short time. period.

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League of Legends Championship

Held in North America, this tournament is complemented by its huge prize pools offered to players and is one of the most famous tournaments where professional players do not hesitate to participate.

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Fortnite World Championship

The first Fortnite World Cup was held in 2019, and tournament organizer Epic Games' prize pool totaled around US$ 29.9 million, the biggest prize to date in esports history.

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Dota2 Championship

This tournament made all the headlines from the moment of its launch, with the prize pool of the first Dota tournament totaling around 1.5 million US Dollars, and quickly becoming one of the most famous championships, reaching the record in terms of fee. total prizes. According to statistical data, the number of championship prizes held in 2018 reached about 26 million US dollars,

The value of eSports prizes

Investment in eSports has become one of the fastest growing investments in the short term, with sports revenues increasing by around 8.9% per year, and by the end of this year, video game revenue is likely to reach around US$ 192 billion.

In 2018, esports revenue totaled US$ 855 million and, according to estimates, will likely exceed the US$ 1.78 billion mark by the end of this year. These figures include transport and broadcasting rights, ticket sales, sponsorship, advertising and other details.

Sponsoring esports tournaments and competitions

One can ask about organizing and sponsoring esports tournaments and competitions, and what some don't know is that the companies and brands that sponsor traditional championships and leagues are the same ones that sponsor and organize esports tournaments and competitions, whether through direct sponsorship of sporting events, teams and professional players, as well as marketing and property advertisements

It is worth mentioning here that the Overwatch eSport Championship is sponsored by large companies and prestigious brands such as HP, The Coca-Cola Company, Intel, Tweeta and T-Mobile.

eSports ads

Undoubtedly, advertisements appear directly or indirectly to spectators of sporting events, and most of the tournament's revenue is from advertisements that appear to spectators.

eSports sales

Similar to traditional sports, sales are an essential way to generate revenue, such as selling shirts with the names of professional players, for example, Team Liquid has agreed with Marvel to work together and offer products with the images of superstars. heroes.

Products don't have to be clothing, they can sometimes be digital or physical, like buying and selling through the same game associated with an esports company, and are considered a new way to generate huge financial returns.

Selling esports tournament tickets

eSports is characterized by improving the digital nature, which is selling tickets through websites in exchange for watching a version of the tournament that does not include any kind of annoying advertising at home, and ticket sales are an essential part of achieving high revenues. of esports tournaments and competitions.

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