Escalator: Know the different directions to use in Japan

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At stairs Rolling wheels have become part of people's daily lives, as it is a very efficient means of transport in shopping malls, subway stations, stores and airports.

They are part of the daily life of practically everyone, serving as a facilitator of locomotion in spaces.

As it is a large and robust piece of equipment, it is very important that everyone who uses escalators is aware and does the right thing when using them, so that any type of accident can be avoided.

In this way, care must be taken in the use and the way in which this tool is treated, as it is part of everyone's routine, attention to its use must be even greater, avoiding distractions, such as cell phones.

Therefore, it is necessary command and signaling, so that you have extra attention and instruction during use and so that the information really sticks and is always in everyone's mind.

It is normal that we are not used to thinking about how the security of these equipment works, but in the case of escalators, there are red buttons at their ends that can be activated in an emergency.

That is, the escalator itself provides safety tools to keep users safe, using its metal structure sturdy to provide a secure and accessible base.

Escalators can be used by everyone, and if used correctly, they pose no danger. However, some people do not respect the rules set by security companies and end up harming themselves in this device.

We know that accidents happen throughout the day and on an ongoing basis. Therefore, careful and correct use is necessary so that it does not endanger other people.

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The use of escalators in Japan

Every country has differences in values and customs. Escalators are no exception in this regard. Each country has different regulations when riding an escalator. As much as it seems like a simple mechanism, the regulations and rules differ.

In Japan, for example, because it is a very busy and populous country, there are escalators everywhere, as well as rules for users to use the escalators safely.

For example, if you are in Tokyo, which is the largest metropolis in the country, you have to go left and right, but in Osaka it is the other way around. No one, not even the locals, has any idea why etiquette varies across the country.

But if you're confused, follow the person in front of you - they'll know what to do. Not making room for mistakes and actually managing to understand how it works and how the place adapts to this movement.

In the capital Tokyo and other Japanese cities, escalators in train stations, subways and shopping malls are traditionally on the left, and anyone who wants to go up and down needs to turn right.

The escalators are made of a prefabricated structure, with no considerable changes in its structure and shape, but the use and how people behave with the ladder in their routine varies and has different ways to use it.

Given these rules, it is necessary that people understand the flow and be part of this involvement in the daily routine, actually getting used to the daily flows of the place, choosing the best side according to the day-to-day needs.

In Osaka and other neighboring cities, however, customs are the opposite, which often causes confusion between Japanese citizens and foreign tourists visiting the region.

Therefore, local authorities have decided to take steps to change this tradition, focusing on the greater number of tourists they expect to receive in the coming years and during various events that have already taken place, such as the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

counting on a appraisal engineering, for everything to happen in the best possible way, the planning is to implement laws and meet the main facilities for these events to occur in the best possible way.

However, the initiative was supported by the regional railway company JR West, which announced the creation of a mascot called “Hidari-desse” (“Left!” in Osaka dialect) to remind people to stand still on the left while leaving the right free for people to go upstairs.

By implementing these initiatives and campaigns even more through these means, it is possible to achieve, in a different and educational way, that people understand and respect the rules for using the means of transport.

Japan - escalator: know the different directions to use in japan
escalator: know the different directions to use in japan

Measures that help security

It is necessary to always be aware of the dangers that involve the use of escalators, because many times people do not realize or do not think that some kind of accident can happen with them, and they follow the use without worrying.

Often, for thinking that everything is very far away, and that rarely happens to those who are going up and down escalators every day, showing less care and attention due to the intense routine or simply out of habit.

However, it is necessary to use the escalators correctly to avoid accidents and delays in the routine of other people who need to make an electrical report of the installations or arrive on time at your jobs. 

The escalator safety warnings are clearly visible, but many people end up not paying attention to it. However, a small distraction can end up being fatal, causing a fall.

As an example, we can mention a place that has a fire fighting project, in case the fire happens, or goes through some situation where it is necessary, this alarm will be activated and the instructions will be followed.

Therefore, it is necessary to follow all the guidelines of the place for a better use of the product.

Between 2012 and 2016, 1,400 people were taken to hospitals in Japan each year for accidents that happened on escalators, and 60% of them were over 65 years old, according to data from the Tokyo Fire Department.

The movement up and down escalators is so common that people end up not realizing that the steel giant is also a means of transport, and that it can be dangerous.

Due to being in practically all places, people hardly think about its risks, and all the consequences that can be caused by this equipment.

In order for escalators to be safer, it is essential to follow some tips that are essential

- escalator: know the different orientations to use in japan

Tips for better use of escalators

Most escalator accidents could be avoided if users correctly understood how to use them.

However, many people simply ignore the rules and end up not taking seriously the risks of misuse, whether in Japan or elsewhere.

Therefore, it is necessary to follow some general rules of use, among them:

  • Pay attention to the warnings on the side of the stairs and respect them;
  • Avoid touching the fixed edge;
  • Never sit on the steps;
  • Don't run up stairs;
  • Be careful when wearing long clothes as they can get caught;
  • Always use the handrail as a support to prevent falls;
  • Make sure your feet are in the center of the steps;
  • Children under 10 years old must use the device accompanied by adults;

In addition, the elderly, people with baby strollers, people with reduced mobility and people with physical disabilities must use the elevator, if available, with elevator assistance for greater care and surveillance of these means.

So remember: safety always starts with preventive maintenance of equipment, followed by user care and awareness. 

Taking into account all these points, it is possible to understand the importance of awareness and the way of using this equipment that is widely used.

Only in this way is it possible to actually avoid inconveniences that could cause accidents and interrupt the flow of people who use the escalators to facilitate and speed up their day-to-day tasks.

Whether in very populous countries like Japan, or even in smaller cities in the interior, escalators are a means of transport, and just like cars and motorcycles, they can also cause accidents if the rules of use are not respected.

Although there are different rules depending on which part of the world you are, the basis for a good use is awareness and respect for other users who also use this tool.

Just as care must be taken when using a electric roll up door, you also need to be careful when using the escalators, respecting the rules of each location and being aware.

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