The era of online courses and digital marketing - My opinion

Se você navega bastante pela internet deve ter percebido o crescente número de propagandas no facebook sobre cursos online e eventos gratuitos. Só de japonês já existem 3 no mercado, fora a área VIP do Suki Desu que está em desenvolvimento. Vivemos na era da informática onde a maioria das pessoas passam grande parte de seu tempo em redes sociais e na internet, é normal imaginarmos o crescente Número de propostas e cursos online que aparecem.

I am personally happy with that, because I also work in this area, but I am afraid because things are moving in a way that I think is wrong! Digital marketing is dying like traditional marketing! Online courses are getting more and more out of date and many appear just to earn money. So I am writing this article on my personal blog, to discuss a little about this subject.


I had the idea of writing this article on my personal blog after having a discussion in facebook groups about online Japanese courses, and also after seeing an advertisement for the viral course Whindersson Nunes. This subject is very sensitive because we live in an environment with thousands of online courses, and most of them deal with the subject of making money online, which makes many people reluctant. in the English language alone there are thousands.

Many of these courses are not trustworthy, sometimes they promise absurd things in marketing, but when it comes to taking the course one feels disappointed! This is harmful to people and also to other courses that end up having their name tarnished because it is an online course or for doing similar strong marketing.

Is it safe or not to take an online course?

I can guarantee that some online courses are far superior to any type of classroom course. For an online course to sell it needs to present some kind of attraction or exclusivity, especially in this internet market full of competitors. If a person sets up a course anyway, they will not be able to profit, because the online course platforms end up offering a guarantee to the consumer.

In my opinion, the obligation of any producer of online courses or something similar, is to dedicate as much as possible in delivering the promised content and even more than that. While face-to-face teachers need to spend their entire day teaching several students, an online teacher only needs to find a way to create classes once, this was to enable a much richer content, unfortunately some teachers are not dedicated to it.

The biggest critics of online courses are those who can easily absorb the subject covered in the course. Self-learners are the ones who criticize online courses the most, because they can easily browse international websites and study alone with texts and their own methodologies. Most of those who buy courses online are because they do not have the facility to learn alone, do not know English, have no experience with computers and need a mentor or impulse. I myself learn everything myself and would never pay 7,000 reais in a marketing course like this famous one launch formula who is responsible for this marketing that online courses have done today. I want to talk about him right now!

The problem of online courses

One thing I noticed when going to Japan is the incredible variety of foods, flavors and stuff. Japan is a capitalist country, which means that people always try to innovate and do something different. Unfortunately in Brazil most people want to follow the same formula and do the same. In fact people always want to do the best, but they don’t end up innovating at all.


If you are connected to the digital world you should know Erico Rocha and his launch formula. I have nothing to criticize him for, he really teaches people who know nothing about the internet to enter the online course market. Erico Rocha is the mentor of Luiz Rafael, the creator of Japanese Online Program who is my great partner and a course I trust a lot. The big problem is that most of those entering the online courses market are using the same formula presented by Erico Rocha.

You may have noticed English week, French workshop and other free events. The launch formula is a marketing that they learned about how to advertise and sell the course. And it does work at first, but the result can be catastrophic. There are very obvious things that we must do in the dissemination of a course, we do not need any formula to know this.

The problem is not in launch formula but how people are applying it. What I have noticed is a lot of the same course, with the same proposal, with the same price, with the same education system and always with tempting and absurd proposals. Smart people already notice this and even stay away from those famous e-mail capture pages, webinars and other things used to generate potential customers.


Most who make the launch formula are doing the same thing, wearing the same costume! Doesn't a different party stand out at a fantasy party? In my opinion, the more the person distances himself from the herd that is marketing today, the better it is for him. To sell courses online one needs to have charisma and deliver what people like, write many articles, make many videos and show confidence to customers. There is no such thing as a magic formula! This is just lagging the market! Of course, there are mental triggers, ways to generate contacts and make disclosures, but that's no secret!

Why do I talk about marketing when I do marketing myself?

Whindersson Nunes is using his charisma to try to teach people something that I don't even believe he knows. Most people with skills and prominence on the internet are trying to find something to sell. This is necessary because it is increasingly difficult to sustain itself just by creating free content. So much so that even I am developing a paid members area, because I want to be able to raise a family and live in Japan. Only I will not deliver something bad to my clients, so much so that I hired someone with more experience in Japanese for me help in that area.

It is perfectly normal for me to talk about how profitable the site is, what my projects are and how I work with them. I have nothing to hide from anyone, do you really think people create non-profit websites? Sometimes working on a website is just as tiring as working in a factory. That's because mental tiredness is greater than physical tiredness. I am not full of white hair at 22 for staying awake, as some imagine it is working online ...

It is not just entering the site administration panel and writing an article a day for 2 hours. If you only write articles, you will earn some money, but with visits I will not earn even half the minimum wage per month. Anyone who thinks that working on the internet is easy and profitable as some online courses promise, don't fall for it! Working on the internet requires dedication! The only advantage is being able to work your own hours and sometimes earn more than this meager Brazilian salary. It's getting more and more difficult with this pack of competitors, and I don't just say courses over websites.


It is almost impossible for me to find people who want to write for my website, but every week someone wants to create a website about anime and Japan. Some create only for hobby, but due to the lack of experience with websites, they cannot receive readers. I would find it much more advantageous to write for a big site like mine! xD Well, this is my opinion about this growing era of online courses that we are experiencing.

I think the courses will grow more and more! Customers will also sprout more and more! There is no way this market will die, it will just grow! But whoever follows the pack, will end up not standing out and will just waste their time and keep people away from online courses that are really good. I want people to know what I think and what I'm doing! So much so that all content in the members area that I am creating is visible in the VIP content category. That's how I think! I hope you understood something… kkkkkkk

What is your opinion about this online course market and the growing digital marketing today?