Challenge - Transform Your Life with Chocolate


Easter Coming, people bored with Pandemic, have you ever thought about getting out of boredom and changing your life with Chocolate? This is Cesar Yukio's proposal with his Challenge: Transform your life with Chocolate!

This is a 7-class 100% free online training for a limited time! Unfortunately it may be a little late for those reading this article, but it is very likely that this event will occur at other times, so I thought it was important to write this article.

The Culture of Homemade Chocolates in Japan

Japanese women usually make their own chocolates, especially during bank holidays. valentines day on february 14. On that date it is customary for women to make their own chocolates to give to a loved one.

Not only does the loved one receive a homemade chocolate, but another custom is to deliver chocolates of obligation to friends and other people. With this gesture you are establishing your friendship without showing romantic feelings.

Men also reciprocate on March 14 with white chocolate. As it is not common for men to cook, they usually buy their own chocolates, but men are also free to become a confectioner or patissier.

Valentine's day in japan - valentine day

What will you discover in the Chocolate Challenge?

During these 7 days of challenge you will learn everything you need to start your chocolate business at home, tips and techniques on how to produce chocolates correctly, as well as how to store and resell your chocolates.

Of course, the Challenge is to propose you to manufacture your chocolates, either for hobby or trade. At the event you will learn things like painting with cocoa butter, packaging, chocolate decorations and many other surprises.

Usually the challenge is held with 7 live classes, one per day, the lives happen and are recorded for those who did not have the opportunity to attend. Don't miss this chance, it's free! Just click on the article buttons!

The Challenge also allows you to access a Whatsapp Group with other Challenge participants to stay up to date and exchange ideas. Don't miss the chance to participate in this wonderful Challenge!

Kimi ni todoke - valentine's chocolate - recipe

Who is Cesar Yukio?

Cesar Yukio has a degree in Gastronomy from Universidade Anhembi Morumbi and from L'Institut Paul Bocuse. He did postgraduate studies and has worked with great bosses like Pierre Hermé, Alex Atala, Erick Jacquin, Amanda Lopes and Helena Rizzo.

He has a great career as a teacher in several schools and learning centers, he was also the creator of courses like japanese yogashi confectionery and wagashi. Cesar Yukio knows very well what he is doing!

He also travels across the country, especially in the cities of Manaus, Belo Horizonte, Rio de Janeiro, Aracaju, São Luís and Salvador, teaching confectionery and gastronomic consultancy classes. He also teaches classes in the United States, Japan and Colombia.

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