5 Documentaries about Japan that you can't miss

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In this article, we will recommend some documentaries on topics related to Japan and its culture. Thus, we prepared a short list of documentaries with historical, cultural, otaku world and Japanese everyday themes. Documentary-style films are an important source of knowledge, as well as providing entertainment and stimulating viewers' curiosity.

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Unlike books, documentaries are usually rich in images, sounds and accounts of different people on a given subject. In the case of documentaries about Japanese culture, there is a huge menu of options on YouTube and streaming platforms, such as Netflix for example.

So, on to the list!

1. History of Samurai, Ronin and Japan (History Channel)

2. The Evolution of Evil – Hideki Tojo (History Channel)

3. Appreciate Japanese Culture: More Than Being Otaku (KazeK8888)

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

4. The Samurai War (Netflix)

The Samurai War | Netflix official website

5. Japan (Vitrine Program – TV Cultura)

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