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Want to learn how to make sushi and don't know where to start? Have questions about Japanese cuisine? How to become a sushiman? Can women make sushi? Sushiman and Professor Hiro created a free book for those interested in learning how to make sushi.

With the book you will learn how to make sushi at home using Hiro's methodology which has already been approved by more than 1,000 students. The book will show how simple it is to make the most delicious types of sushi in a short time.


What are the benefits of making sushi? 

  • is Therapeutic
  • It's healthy
  • it's fun
  • Helps stay focused
  • Gathers the Family

What is the content of the book? 


In addition to the basic content teaching you how to make sushi, you will learn to learn what utensils are necessary to start preparing your first sushi at home.

You will understand how to prepare Su Sauce. The sauce used to season the rice for the production of sushi. The step by step to produce Shari spiced rice.

Who is the author?

Hiro C. Ozone is a speaker and founder of, of the blog and a founding partner of the website
Takes Online Sushi Courses and Live Sushi Courses in São Paulo and Mogi das Cruzes.

He has worked since he was 16 in his sushi bar with his father. In addition to being a Sushimaker and an entrepreneur, he is passionate about Digital Marketing. Currently studying MBA in Business and Management in São Paulo.


To download the free book you must access the link by clicking the button below and sign up on the Hiro website. In addition to the book you will receive tips by email, videos and other updates of the book, and you will be notified when Hiro opens vacancies for his professional sushi course.



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