Different types of Slots and Slot Machines

Do you know what Slot Machines are? Do you know all types? In this article we will talk a little about these style machines pachinko that are successful all over the world.

What are Slots and Slots?

Slots or slots are popular games of chance that use cash, barcodes or paper tickets. When a player activates a lever or button, the reels spin and winning combinations award points according to the paytable.

While symbols vary by theme, classic symbols include fruits, bells, and a stylized lucky seven. Bonus features also fit the theme. Themes vary widely, but most slot games have a theme.

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Classic Slots – Reel Slots

Three-reel physical slot machines are best known for being considered pioneers in the industry. Among them, its operation is carried out through the crank. Classic Slots are the simplest, each reel contains a certain number of symbols, and when three matching symbols appear at the same time, the player wins the dream jackpot.

Manual slot machines are easy to play. Unlike video slot machines, reel slot machines have fixed paylines and payouts, and players can only choose coins to bet on.

Gamers don't have to worry about a lot of outside distractions like video clips or annoying distractions. The payout percentage for the reel slot is 70-80%. The payout percentage for slot machines is usually greater than this amount, but a bar chart can set your payout to 78%.

This type of slot machine is a fast game, which means you can either win a lot of money at once or lose all your money very quickly. The initial disadvantage of these games is that when they only contain 3 reels, their combination possibilities are very low.

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video slots

Video slot machines have multiple paylines and payouts depend on the number of coins wagered on each payline.

Winning combinations can appear anywhere on a payline, so the more paylines the machine has, the greater the payout potential.

Video slot machines have low payouts but high hit rates, which allows game designers to create complex games with varying volatility.

Video Slots can have various themes, they can include movies, series, anime, POP culture elements and more. The innovations and ideas for creating video slots are endless.

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Progressive Jackpot Slots

For standard slot games, there is a jackpot set for that game, which is unlocked by matching certain symbols or reaching a certain level in the game.

However, the jackpot includes a common prize that is continually contributed every time someone plays the game. This jackpot will increase until the player wins it – they will either find the correct symbol to trigger their payout or trigger the correct bonus round.

This slot machine has the potential to win the jackpot and once won, the jackpot resets and starts anew, ready to be hit by the next lucky player.

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Slot machines with multiple paylines

While traditional slot machines only have a horizontal line in the center, many slot machines have a variety of payout combinations. The more paylines you choose and the higher the stakes, the more chances you have of receiving a reward per spin.

Slots with mini games

This type of online slot machine is one of the most interesting. It is also known as the niuek-caca bonus stage. In addition to the usual reel slot games, some games activate bonus stages, similar to mini-games that increase your winnings.

3D slot

All online machines with graphical and three-dimensional elements are called 3d. The designs of this machine are very varied and can be inspired by various themes. Also, it often uses a mix of various types of slot machines, such as multiple paylines and minigames.

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