Rem's declaration of love in Japanese

In today's article, we are going to study all the words that Rem said in episode 18 of Re:Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu. Even if you don't like anime, these words are profound, a beautiful poem. Let's do a literal translation of your words, so it may come out very different from the subtitles you watched from the episode.

If you don't know Re:Zero, to summarize the dialogue: Main Character Subaru laments his weakness, saying that he's worthless, that he's an idiot, and that he hates himself. Rem in love says a thousand words to him…

Before starting to study this declaration of love, let's leave some information:

  • People's names will not be translated, and will be colored red;
  • If a word has no translation in a given sentence, it means that it was translated in a previous sentence;
  • The particles will not be translated;
  • The sentences may not translate literally 100%, but let's get closer to that;
  • The dialogue in the anime is identical to that of the Light Novel;
  • Japanese instead of using pronouns like to use the nouns and the third person singular;
  • When the other Subaro character speaks, it will be enclosed in square brackets 「 」;
  • We will not put the romaji in the meanings of the word, as it has the romaji reading under the sentence, this will encourage you to identify the words in the sentence;
  • Let's put the meaning of unconjugated verbs;

rem statement

remu ha shitteimasu

  • 知っています - know (I know, you know)
Subaru-kun ga don'nani saki no mienai kurayaminonakade mo

No matter how much you've fallen into darkness

  • どんなに - how much, how much, why, way, mode
  • 先 - previous, ancient, a while ago
  • 見えない - invisible, not to see
  • 暗闇 - darkness
  • 中 - center, middle
  • でも - but, however
Te o nobashite kureru yūki ga aru hito datte koto o

You have the courage to extend your hand.

  • 手 - hand
  • 伸ばして - extend, stretch
  • くれる - refers to what someone gives you
  • 勇気 - courage
  • ある人だ - some people
  • だって - after all, because, even, also
  • こと - thing
Subaru-kun ni, nade rareru no ga sukidesu.

I love it when subaru (you) messes with my hair.

  • 撫でられる - caressed
  • 好きです - love, like
Tenohira to kaminoke o tōshite, Subaru-kun to tsūji atteru ki ga suru ndesu

I feel like we can understand each other, through the contact of your hand and my hair.

  • 掌 - palm
  • 髪の毛 - hair (of the head)
  • 通して - through
  • 通じ - communicate, flow, understand, connect
  • 合っている - corresponding, unite, do together
  • 気がするんです - I feel, I have a hunch
Subaru-kun no koe ga sukidesu.

I love your voice.

  • 声 - voice

Kotoba hitotsu kiku tabi ni, kokoro ga atatakaku naru no o kanjiru ndesu.

Just hearing something you say, I already feel warmth in my heart.

  • 言葉 - word
  • ひとつ - one
  • 聞く - listen
  • たびに - each time
  • 心 - heart
  • 温かくなる - warm up, heat up
  • 感じるんです - I feel, I already feel
Subaru-kun no me ga sukidesu. Fudan wa surudoi ndesukedo,

I love your eyes. Usually they look serious

  • 目 - eye
  • 普段 - usually, usual, common, every day
  • 鋭い - sharp, cunning, agile
  • けど - but, nevertheless, despite
Dareka ni yasashiku shiyou to shite iru toki, yawarakakunaru sono-me ga sukidesu

but when you're being nice to someone, i love how they soften.

  • 誰か - someone
  • 優しく - to be kind, gentle
  • しようとしているとき – when you are trying
  • 柔らか - soft, mild, meek
Subaru-kun no yubi ga sukidesu.

I love your fingers.

  • 指 - finger
Otokonokonanoni kireina yubi o shite ite,

For a boy, you have beautiful fingers.

  • 男の子 - boy
  • なのに - still, despite that, even so
  • 綺麗 - beautiful
  • していて - have, be, indicative
Demo nigiru to yappari otokonokona n datte omowa seru,

But when I touch them, I know they are

  • でも - but
  • 握る - squeeze, press, shape
  • やっぱり - as expected, also, yet
  • 思わせる – reminds me, makes me believe, of the impression
Tsuyokute hosoi yubina ndesu.

the strong fingers of a man.

  • 強くて - strong
  • 細い - thin
Subaru-kun no arukkata ga sukidesu.

I like the way you walk.

  • 歩き方 - way to walk
  • 歩き - walk
Issho ni tonari o arui teru to,

when we walk together

  • 一緒に - together
  • 隣 - near, beside
  • 歩いて - walk
  • いる - indicates an ongoing action or state of being
Tamani chanto tsuite kite iru ka tashikameru mitai ni furimuite kureru,

I love the way you turn to see if I'm following you.

  • たまに - occasionally, from time to time
  • ちゃんと – diligently; seriously; sincerely, perfectly, exactly
  • ついて - about, in relation
  • 確かめる - check, be sure
  • みたい - how
  • 振り向いてくれる – turn around, look to the side/back/shoulder
Son'na aruki-kata ga sukidesu.

I love the way you walk.

  • そんな - such, like that type
Subaru-kun no negao ga sukidesu.

I love the way you look when you sleep.

  • 寝顔 - sleeping face
Akanbō mitai ni mubōbi de, matsuge nanka chotto nagakute.

You look helpless, like a child and your eyelashes are long.

  • 赤ん坊 - baby, infant, child
  • みたいに - like a
  • 無防備 - defenseless; defenseless
  • まつ毛 - eyelashes
  • なんか - softened
  • ちょっと - little
  • 長くて - long
Hoho ni fureru to odayaka ni natte,

When I touch your cheeks you calm down...

  • 頬 - cheek(s)
  • 触れる - touch, feel
  • 穏やか - calm, smooth, quiet
  • になって - become, stay (calm), become (calm down)
Akugi de kuchibiru ni furete mo kidzukanakutte……

And when I playfully touch your lips, you don't even notice...

  1. 悪戯 - mischief, prank
  2. 唇 - lips
  3. 気付か - to be aware, to notice, to recognize, to realize
  4. なくって - negative, opposite of なって
Sugoku mune ga itaku natte, sukidesu

And that breaks my heart. I love you!

  • すごく - terribly, immensely, very much
  • 胸 - chest, heart
  • 痛く - hurt, hurting
Subaru-kun ga jibun no koto o kiraida tte,

When you said you hated yourself

  • 自分 - yourself
  • 嫌い - to hate
  • だって – after all, even, but, say, hear you say
Sō iunara, Subaru-kun no ī tokoro ga kon'nani aru tte, Remu ga shitteru tte koto o shitte hoshiku natta ndesu

it made me want to tell you all the wonderful things I see in you.

  • そう - like that way
  • 言う - say
  • なら - if, case, how much, on topic
  • いいところ - good thing, pleasant
  • がこんなに - like that, like that, in this way
  • 知ってる - to know

Subaru's Questioning

Son'na mono wa…… mayakashida……!'

This is all a lie

  • そんなもの - such a thing, these things
  • まやかし - deceit, fake, lie
「お前はわかってないだけだ! 自分のことは、自分が一番よくわかってる!」Omae wa wakattenai dakeda! Jibun no koto wa, jibungaichiban yoku wakatteru!'

You do not know me! I know myself better than anyone!

  • お前 - you (informal)
  • わかってない - not to understand
  • 一番 - most, number one, first
  • わかってる - to understand, to know
Subaru-kun wa, jibun no koto shika shiranai!

But you only know yourself.

Remu ga mite iru Subaru-kun no koto o, Subaru-kun ga dore dake shitte iru ndesu ka!?

How much do you know about the subaru that I know?

`Dōshite…… son'nani, ore o…….

Why do you love me so much?

  • どうして - why
  • そんなに - so much
Ore wa yowakute, chippokede…… nigete……

I am weak and insignificant. And I'm always running.

  • 弱くて - weaker
  • ちっぽけで - tiny, insignificant
  • 逃げて - always far away, run away, escape
Mae no toki mo onajide, nigete, soredemo dōshite……

Exactly like I did last time! Then why?

  • とき - when, case, time, hour, moment
  • 同じ - equal, the same thing, similar
  • それでも - still, even so


Datte, Subaru-kun wa remu no eiyūna ndesu'
Because you are my hero, Subaru-Kun!

  • だって - because
  • 英雄 - hero

Year usugurai mori de,
In that black forest,

  • あの - something far from the speaker (at that)
  • 薄暗い - dark, black
  • 森 - forest

Jiga sae aimai ni natta sekai de,
when I didn't even know who I was anymore

  • 自我 - I, self ego
  • さえ - same
  • 曖昧 - ambiguous, obscure, vague, fuzzy
  • 世界 - world
  • なった - became

Tadatada abare mawaru koto igai ga kangae rarenakatta remu o,
and couldn't think of anything else but to destroy everything

  • ただただ - nothing but, simply, absolutely, unique
  • 暴れ回る - agitation, riot, uproar
  • 以外 - except
  • 考えられなかった - not thought of, considered
  • ( 考え - think, consider)

Tasuke ni kite kureta koto
you saved me.

  • 助け - help, save, succor, give assistance

Me o samashite ugokenai remu o,
When I woke up unable to move

  • 目を覚まして - woke up, woke up, opened my eyes
  • 動けない - motionless, unmoving, unmotivated

Mahō o tsukai sugite tsukarekita ane-sama o,
My sister was exhausted from using magic so much

  • 魔法 - magic
  • 使い - utilize, use, enchant
  • すぎて - too much, excessive
  • 疲れ切った - tired, exhausted (past tense)
  • 姉様 - sister

Nigasu tame ni otori ni natte majū ni tachimukatte itte kureta koto
you baited the maju so I could escape...

  • 逃がす - let go, let go, lose
  • ために - for one, in favor
  • 囮 - bait, decoy
  • 魔獣 - magical beast
  • 立ち向かって - fight against, oppose, face

kachime nante nakute,
You didn't have a chance

  • 勝ち目 - chance to win, chance

Inochi datte hontōni abunakute,
your life was really in danger

  • 命 - life
  • 本当 - really, truly, fact, seriously
  • 危なくて - dangerous, risky, risk

Sore demo ikinokotte…… atatakai mama de,
But still you stayed

  • 生き残って - survive
  • 温かい - hot

Remu no ude no naka ni modotte kite kureta koto
and came back into my arms, still alive.

  • 腕の中 - in arms, my arms (腕 - arm)
  • 戻ってきて - return, recover

Mezamete, hohoende,
When you woke up you smiled

  • 微笑んで - smiled, smile

Remu ga ichiban hoshikatta kotoba o,
And said the words I most wanted to hear

Ichiban itte hoshikatta toki ni,
When I most wanted to hear them

  • ほしかった - I wish

Ichiban itte hoshikatta hito ga itte kureta koto
And the person I most wanted to hear them from

  • 人 - Person

Zutto, remu no jikan wa tomatte ita ndesu
Before I didn't feel time passing

  • ずっと - continuously, for a long period or time
  • 時間 - time
  • 止まって - stopped, stop

Ano honō no yoru ni, anesama igai no subete o ushinatta ano yoru kara,
Ever since that fiery night when I'd lost everything but my sister.

  • 炎の夜 - fiery night, fiery night
  • (炎 - flame) (夜 - night)

Remu no jikan wa zutto tomatte ita ndesu
I didn't feel the time pass anymore...

Tomatte ita jikan o, kōritsuite ita kokoro o,
It was you who melted the ice in my heart

  • 凍 - frozen, ice

Subaru-kun ga amaya ka ni tokashite, yasashiku ugokashite kureta ndesu.
And tenderly made me feel time pass again

  • 甘やか - sweet
  • 優しく - softly, kindly, affectionately
  • 動かして - move, change, move

Ano shunkan ni, ano asa ni, remu ga dore dake sukuwa reta no ka.
That moment, that morning, you saved me

  • 瞬間 - moment
  • 朝 - morning
  • どれだけ - how much
  • 救われた - saved, save, rescue, help
  • のか - questioning the previous statement

Remu ga don'nani ureshikatta no ka, kitto Subaru-kun ni datte wakarimasen
and I was very happy, I'm sure you don't know how...

  • 嬉しかった - to be delighted, to be happy
  • わかりません - not knowing

Remu wa shinjite imasu.
That's why I believe.

  • 信じています - Believe

Don'nani tsurai kurushī koto ga atte,
No matter what suffering you have to go through

  • 辛い – painful, bitter, heartbreaking, difficult, cruel
  • 苦しい - painful, difficult, agonizing

Subaru-kun ga make-sō ni natte shimatte mo.
even when it looks like you've been defeated

  • 負け - lose, be defeated

Sekaijū no dare mo Subaru-kun o shinjinaku natte,
When no one else in the world believes you,

Subaru-kun jishin mo jibun no koto ga shinji rarenaku natta to shite mo――
When you don't believe in yourself anymore...

  • 自身 - yourself

remu wa, shinjiteimasu
I will believe!

Remu o sukutte kureta Subaru-kun ga, honmono no eiyūna n datte
That the subaro who saved me is a real hero.

  • 救ってくれた - who saved, rescued, helped
  • 本物 - real thing, genuine, only thing

The artigo is still half finished, but we recommend opening it to read the following later:


Dore dake ganbattemo, dare mo sukuenakatta' 

No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't save anyone..

  • 空っぽ - empty
  • 俺 - me
  • 耳 - ear / 貸して - lend
  • 耳を貸して - pay attention, listen
Remu ga imasu. Subaru-kun no kotobanara, Nan datte kikimasu. Kikitai ndesu

I am here. I will listen to everything you have to say. I want to.

  • 聞きます - listen
  • 聞きたい - I want to listen
`Darenimo kitai sa recha inai. Dare mo ore o shinjicha inai.…… Ore wa, ore ga daikiraida'

Nobody expects anything from me. Nobody believes me. I hate myself.

  • 期待 - expectation, hope
  • 期待されちゃいない - not expected
  • 大嫌い - to hate a lot

Remu wa, Subaru-kun or aishiteimasu
I love you!

Ore, nanka ga…… ī no, ka……?'

You really don't care that it's me?

  • なんか - things like, something like that
  • いいのか - Are you okay? it's OK?

Subaru-kun ga, īndesu
I want it to be you.

Subaru-kun janakya, iyana ndesu

I wouldn't want it to be anyone but you...

  • なきゃ - unless, indispensable, absolutely necessary
  • 嫌なんです - find unpleasant, hate

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