Dango DaiKazoku - Clannad Fan Game


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Dango Daikazoku (団子大家族) is a simple flash game created by our website. Based on the Anime and novel, Clannad.   A platform game where the objective is to pass the faeces and obstacles using Dangos (a Japanese sweet made from rice).

Those who watched the anime will understand, the game does not have a real story, it is simply one of Nagisa's obsessive dreams for dango. The game has simple gameplay, but requires patience and agility.

Controlling the character Nagisa, use the X key to create dangos that serve as platforms to continue the game. Using the C key you change your ability instead of creating Dangos, shooting stars to destroy some blocks.

The Game also has Zen mode, where it is not composed of phases, you simply go up to infinity and see how long you can survive or how far you can reach using the ability to create dango.


This game is very old and was made in flash with files in SWF format, you can play it by any player on your computer, but current browsers do not natively support flash.

 Click here to download the game

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