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Join the world's largest Japanese culture and language portal, Suki Desu, and take the first step towards mastering the Japanese language with our amazing online course!

Suki Desu is available in more than 10 languages, so we decided to bring our Japanese language teaching platform originally created for the Portuguese language to your language.

It's not a perfect solution, but we believe it's a great option for you who are looking for material to study Japanese. Best of all, one-time payment, everlasting access, cheap price!

Unfortunately, as of the date you are reading, we only have video classes in Portuguese, and the rest of our platform is available in English, French and Spanish.

Throughout this page you will learn about all the resources that our Teaching Platform offers and then, if you wish, take the first step by enrolling!

+ 800,000 monthly visits

+ than 2500 articles
+ 160 video lessons

We create content for everyone

To become a member of the Japanese Club, all you have to do is:

  • 1 – Click on a red button along the page;
  • 2 – Fill in the payment information (100% secure);
  • 3 – Receive our immediate E-mail with login and password data;

On this page all your questions will be answered., mas caso queira tirar outra dúvida, basta entrar em contato por algum de nossos canais abaixo, entre também em nosso grupo do whatsapp e inscreva-se em nosso canal para receber aulas gratuitas.

Video classes

+ 140 video lessons already added to the platform, with new ones being published almost daily.


Interactive games and activities combined with a gamification system to encourage studies.


Support, forum, comment system, community and custom content for members.


All content on the site is written directly in Japanese, we use native language content and even native Japanese.


Many video lessons are made using elements of Japanese culture such as anime, manga, music, movies and others.

many bonuses

Throughout this page, see several bonuses that we have added for students on our Japanese language teaching platform.


Our platform offers tools for interacting with content, things like listening to pronunciation and copying phrases.

Suki Desu

With Japanese Club, you can read Suki Desu articles ad-free and with learning tools.

Japanese club - online Japanese course by suki desu

How far can the Japanese Club take me?

With Japanese Club, you will be able to:

  • Read manga and watch anime without subtitles;
  • Assemble sentences in Japanese;
  • Chat with native Japanese;
  • Read the Japanese alphabet Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji;
  • Have content to study until you reach fluency;

See what other Students have said about our course!


Japanese club - online Japanese course by suki desu

Not only do we offer fun and interactive classes with qualified teachers, but we also offer an innovative feature: an AI-powered Support chat called Jinkou-chan that will answer most of your Japanese questions right away.

With unrivaled accuracy and correctness, Jinkou-chan will help understand differences, meanings, explain phrases and translate, among other things.

With this state-of-the-art technology, you will be able to walk towards the fluency of the Japanese language!


Logo suki desu final with circle without background

Suki Desu is the World's Largest Japanese Culture Portal. There are more than 2500 articles about Japanese culture, otaku culture and more than 500 articles about the Japanese language.

Get full access to the site without ads and annoying advertisements, also use japanese club tools directly on skdesu.com


learning foreign languages

Our course is available in multiple languages, so you can take advantage of this to learn Japanese using other languages.

When studying Japanese in another language, you can end up learning two languages simultaneously.

In addition to the native Portuguese language, our texts can be opened in English, Spanish and French.


Why choose Japanese Club?

There are hundreds of online Japanese courses, that's a fact! But our content, our tools, our differentials will help you make the right decision!

  • Single payment, no monthly fee;
  • Price well below the market;
  • Eternal and free updates;
  • Classes with anime, manga and elements of Japanese pop culture;
  • Traditional classes focused on phrases and texts;
  • Presentation of different study methods;
  • Interactive games and activities;
  • Artificial Intelligence Support Chat
  • Gamification system, points and rankings;
  • Displays Furigana only if the person hovers over the word;
  • Course without using romanization, see Japanese as it is from the beginning;
  • Pronunciation of any phrase or selected word;
  • Easily copy phrases;
  • Support and group for students;
  • Forum and comments;
  • Japanese classes focusing on Pitch-accent;
  • Numerous Bonuses and extra courses referring to Japan;


We have a special category that teaches Japanese using Anime, manga, music, movies, dramas and other cultural elements from Japan. See below some classes already available!

Fullmetal alchemist – information, manga and trivia
Japanese with fullmetal alchemist
Why do Japanese people use moshi moshi when talking on the phone?
Japanese with death note
Japanese club - online Japanese course by suki desu
Japanese with demon slayer
The best slice of life anime of everyday life
Japanese with Bakuman
Nagatoro - ijiranaide, nagatoro-san
Japanese with manga by nagatoro-san

And many more methods classes, traditional classes, with anime, manga and others!

FAQ – Questions and Answers

  1. How will I receive access to the platform?

    After making the payment, you will receive in your email the data to log in to the platform in the email used at the time of purchase. If any data is wrong, you can reset your password in the login panel. If you don't receive the email, just contact us.

    To login to the Japonês Club course, you must access course.skdesu.com

  2. I didn't receive the purchase details by email, what now?

    It probably landed in the Spam box, or maybe there was an error on the E-mail server. Just contact us via WhatsApp or E-mail and we will resolve it as soon as possible.

    Even if you didn't receive the email, your account has probably been created, so you can also try to recover a new password from the login panel.

  3. What level of the JLPT does the course cover?

    Our course does not use the JLPT as a base, and can have content up to N1. As our course is constantly updated with new classes almost daily, we believe that after a long time of study, you will be able to have a foundation for any level of the JLPT.

    The Japanese Club is divided into Beginner, Basic, Intermediate and Advanced levels. Where the Beginner and Basic covers material from N5 to N3, while the intermediate level covers N4 and N3 and the advanced level things from N3 to N1.

  4. How does the Japanese Club Guarantee work?

    When purchasing any product using the Hotmart Platform, you have insurance for at least 7 days.

    Of course we would be very sad if that happens, if the course is not up to your expectations, you can leave your feedback so that we can update the course the way you want! Our goal is to be the best Japanese language teaching platform.

  5. How long will I have access to the course?

    By paying the Japonês Club once, you have eternal access to the platform, as long as it exists, with all the updates and news that the platform receives. It truly is the best investment anyone could ever make.

  6. If I have any questions about the course?

    You can contact us using the WhatsApp buttons available on our website or using the contact form on our websites, or via email sac(a)kyaneko.com

  7. Will I receive a Course Certificate?

    Japonês Club is an eternal Japanese language study platform, so your course will never come to an end, even if you reach fluency, new content will always appear for you to consume and learn.

    We do not recommend course certificates, they have no value in terms of the language, but if you wish, we can provide a way to issue them for you. What really matters is the JLPT certificate, the Japanese language proficiency test.

  8. Is learning Japanese difficult?

    I personally find it easier than English, but anything you want to learn will require your effort and dedication, and we will use all our efforts to make your learning experience simple and fun.

  9. Do you have a free course?

    Suki Desu has been creating free content for the website since 2014, there are hundreds of articles and classes on our Youtube channel. We even posted excerpts of our course classes on the Youtube channel.

  10. Who will teach me Japanese?

    Kevin the creator of Suki Desu is not the main Sensei, this task is in the hands of Taric, who has great language skills and perfect pronunciation.

    Kevin can also record classes, and other teachers and native Japanese people can join in at one time or another. We have nothing fixed or determined, where we can innovate, we will!

  11. Does this course use the Anki method?

    The Anki Method is already something that everyone knows, but it is still one of the best methods for students with the discipline to use it daily.

    We will have classes focused on Anki, our texts and phrases can and should also be copied to a spaced memorization program, but we do not give full focus to this method, not least because many do not have the discipline to use it.

  12. Do you emitem any course certificate?

    Every course that claims to issue a language certificate is just paper made by any entity with no real value.

    If necessary, we can arrange it, but we ask that you take the JLPT test, this is the only valid Japanese certificate.

  13. How does the Course Guarantee work?

    The 7-day guarantee of the course is the responsibility of the payment platform we use, so there is no way to be deceived. Just ask for a refund, and receive it directly with the platform, no questions asked, simple and easy.

  14. How does the course in other languages work?

    Our current focus is the Japanese course in English, but as we are a multilingual site, we also decided to make the course available in several languages.

    This will allow us to market our course in other countries, but the video lessons are currently only available in English. Only the lecture texts are in other languages.

    It is worth remembering that texts in other languages are not perfect, they may have translation errors, as we use AI. As our focus is on the course in English, human reviews in other languages can be slow or left in the background.

Meet the Japanese Club Team

My name is Kevin, I am the creator of Suki Desu, and I have been teaching Japanese through articles since 2014. I dedicate 100% to Suki Desu and now to the Japonês Club.

Kevin Henry
Kevin Henrique

My name is Taric and I'm one of the teachers at the Japonês Club. I am excited to say that I will do my best to teach you the Japanese language! It doesn't matter if you're going to learn from scratch or if you're already advanced, we have content for everyone. We develop our classes based on the needs of the students.

My name is Marcos, programmer and fluent in Japanese, I lived in Japan for several years and I have a lot to share with you members of the Japonês Club.

Marcos Soares
Marcos Soares
Roberto Pedraça
Roberto Pedraça

My name is Roberto Pedraça, I live in Japan in Okinawa, I'm a native Brazilian, but I've spent my whole life here, and I don't let work stop me from experiencing Japan as it should be. I immerse myself in the culture and make friends with the Japanese and I'm here to give you tips.

I'm Vitor Soares, programmer and passionate about the Japanese language, I've already developed several projects involving dictionaries, Japanese projects, subtitles in Japanese for anime and others. I'm here to help make Japonês Club the biggest platform in the world.

vitor soares
Vitor Soares

Inside the Course Platform

Course content


If you don't like reviewing Anki or studying long texts, our course offers numerous games and interactive activities to help your learning if you get bored.

Games will force you to evolve in your studies, encouraging self-education. Play as many times as you like until you get the high score!

There are several games such as word search, memory, connection, sequencing, pronunciations, quizzes and much more.

Your score is saved in your profile, allowing you to track your progress and test your Japanese language skills.

Japanese club - online Japanese course by suki desu
Japanese club - online Japanese course by suki desu

Complete Immersion and Classes in Japanese

We want you to really learn Japanese, so we leave aside any kind of romanization (romaji) and use ideograms from the first classes, but we leave furigana to facilitate your understanding.

We also use speech bubbles to make the text more interactive and fun to study.

You can also pronounce all the Japanese phrases by selecting or clicking the Play button, or copy the phrases into Anki or another spaced memory program.

Japanese club - online Japanese course by suki desu