Code Geass season 3 confirmed

The Resurrection of Lelouch was confirmed on November 27 at a Code Geass 10th anniversary event, along with 3 films that will do a recap of the anime. The format of the anime or movie is not yet confirmed.

It is worth remembering that the adaptation of the Code Geass manga removed practically all the mecha, for those who don't like it, maybe the 3 films that will recap the anime don't have so much mecha. The continuation of the anime will take place a few years after Zero Requiem and with Lelouch of course xD. Now it's time to wait for more details about this 2017 adaptation, in the future I'll update this article.

Synopsis for Code Geass

If you don't know this psychological thriller work, She has the following synopsis: 

Japan was invaded and conquered by the Britannia Empire. And is now known as "Area 11" and citizens as "Elevens." The Britannia Empire took Japan's independence and imposed rules to use Knightmares. The laws of the empire never hesitated, but problems began to emerge ... The young Britannian, Lelouch, received a special power from a mysterious girl: geass. Absolute power, which allows the user to give orders to everyone. Lelouch decides to plan the destruction of the Britannia Empire using his power as a weapon. His goals are: to avenge his mother's death and create a world in which his little sister, Nunnally, can live in peace. The one who will decide all that is to come is his father, the emperor of Britannia. (ambient source)

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