Yellow Mangas Celebrates 6K Likes - Special Offers and More

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THE yellow manga is a kind of virtual store that caters to all of us, lovers of Japanese culture and otakus. In it, we have a great collection of mangas, light novels, artbooks and others, and, the best, all in Japanese, used, but in perfect condition, and for a super cool price (haha, come tell me that this is not motivates!?). Today we bring you a super promotion and a bonus for those who say they bought it through Suki Desu, be sure to read until the end!

They serve via the facebook page, which makes the process easy and straightforward. The owner, Rafael, is super attentive and kind and also answers all your questions quickly. In addition, Yellow Mangás is highly rated on facebook and among people who have already purchased something from it. We at Suki Desu and Yellow Mangás have a long-lasting partnership and we attest to the reliability that you must place on the store.

The products are imported, not to mention that, before being sent to you, the products pass through Rafael's hands first so that there is no mistake or defect in your product after delivery.

And, in commotion for the 6 thousand likes of the Yellow Mangás page, they made a special offer for you. When purchasing products through Suki Desu, in addition to the progressive discount, whoever buys 2 or more products from the promotion, will be entitled to free shipping for the products, enjoy!

This time, all new products. Check out:

Promotion offers and products:

10% when purchasing 2 collections;
15% when purchasing 3 collections;
20% when purchasing 4 collections.

Manga, Novels and Japanese books imported ready delivery and by orders.
Contact via inbox page or by whats 85 989551086 (Rafael)

Prompt Delivery:
Platinum End. vol. 1 36.00
One Piece vol. 1 36.00
The Promised Neverland vol. 1 36.00
Boku no Hero Academia vols. 1-13 221.00
Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun vols. 1-13 212.50
Konosuba vols. 1-10 245.00
No Game No Life vols. 1-9 221.00
Sakura Artbook. 153.00


Akira - vols. 250.00 1-6 new.
Haikyuu vols. 1-27 - 400.00 used. - 467.50 new.
Kimi ni Todoke vols. 1-28 - 510.00 new - 400.00 used.
Shigatsu Wa Kimi no Uso - 212.00
Mushoku Tensei. vols. 1-14 - 510.00 new.
Horimiya vols. 1-10 - 190.00 used 195.50 new.
Re Zero - vols. 1-12 - 300.00 used - 319.50 new.
Dragon Ball color edition vols. 1-32 - 945.00 new.
To Aru Majutsu no Index - vols. 1-22 - 350.00 used - 472.50 new.
Youjou Senki vols. 1-7 - 250.00 used. - 285.00 new.
Oyasumi Punpun - vols. 1-13 250.00 used. - 285.00 new.
Akatsuki no Yona vols. 1-23. 350.00 used - 510.00 new.
Kuzu no Honkai vols.1-8 - 212.50 new.
Aria - 220.00 used. - 255.00 new.
Kamisama Hajimemashita - 400.00 used. - 425.00 new.
Super Lovers. - vols. 1-9 212.50 new.
Kuroshitsuji artbook. 136.00
Bakuman - vols. 1-20 - 300.00 used. - 323.00 new.
Mushishi Kazenban - 357.00 new.
One Punch-Man - 238.00 new.
Kingdom vols. 1-45 - 765.00 new.

Be sure to check out the original post for more product information and images. (In addition to checking out other Yellow Mangás posts).

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