Fujido Cave [不二洞探検]

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THE Fujido cave is the largest limestone cave in the region of Kanto, with 2.2 km long. A cave for tourist exploration and, due to its unique characteristics, it was designated as Natural Monument of the Province of Gunma.

To enter the cave, it is necessary to go through a 120 meter (built) tunnel, which ends in a 40 meter vertical cavity, where a spiral staircase was built, which gives access to the main cave.

The temperature inside the cave is 11 degrees year-round; being cool in summer and considered warm in winter.


1200 years ago, near the mountain Ofukuju, a dense forest grew. In this place, there were several groups of monkeys that stole food and played.

One day, a villager, finding the excitement between them strange, approached and realized that these monkeys were surrounding a small hole. Thus, this stalactite / stalagmite cave was discovered.

Getting to know the Fujido cave

Over the years many people have tried to explore the interior of the cave, but due to the complexity of its structure, they have been unable to succeed in their endeavor. But, 400 years ago a Buddhist monk named, Chukoukaisan, managed to explore the interior of the cave and, spread the place for the practice of asceticism (practical exercise that leads to the effective realization of virtue).

Caverna fujido [不二洞探検]

In the year 40, of the Showa era, the cave was surrounded by fantastic stories; causing people to avoid the place. To dispel this myth, the local government decided to invest in infrastructure works, so that these natural beauties (stalactites / stalagmites) could be appreciated by a large number of visitors.


This cave has a route of stairs, lighting and walkways, which allows visitors of any age to walk through its interior safely.

This is just one of the thousands of tourist attractions in Gunma and in the other provinces of Japan.

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Source: GTIA- Gunma International Tourism Association.

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