School in Japan – Which is the best Option? Brazilian or Japanese?

In this article, we are going to talk about which is the best school option in Japan for your child. Is it better to study in a Japanese public school or an international private school aimed at Brazilians?

This article is based on the video of my friend and partner ONLY in JAPAN which you can watch directly above. Remembering that the final decision is up to you, because each case is a different case.

How to choose a school in Japan?

What is your goal in Japan? Work and save money to pay off a debt or buy things in Brazil? Or are you simply looking for the better and safer lifestyle that Japan provides? Also try to reflect on the length of stay in the country and the age of the children.

Nowadays it's not like it used to be, where Brazilians move to Japan to work and earn money to return to Brazil. Nowadays you can't work overtime like you used to, you can't save as much money as a few years ago.

Another thing you should consider is the costs of a school in Japan. Public Japanese schools also have costs, but international private schools tend to cost even more. This decision is never easy, all options have their pros and cons that we will examine in this article.

School in japan - what is the best option? Brazilian or Japanese school

Should I choose a Japanese school?

Japan is considered one of the countries with the best education, if you want your child to continue in Japan and have an education like Japanese children, without a doubt the Japanese school should be your main option. Choosing a Japanese school is essential if you want your child to succeed in the job market and not work in factories.

If your child was born in Japan, no doubt send him directly to Japanese schools. If you have moved to Japan and your child has studied for many years in schools in Brazil and knows absolutely nothing about the Japanese language, it might be interesting to place him in a Brazilian private school so he can learn Japanese.

One of the great difficulties of Japanese public schools is the ijime (bullying). If the child does not know the Japanese language, he may face difficulties, become isolated and even have depression. Some parents believe that putting their children born in Japan in Brazilian schools is a way to disappear from ijime, but you are only making the situation worse.

The Japanese are raised and educated differently from the Brazilians. They have different opinions and think different, studying in a Japanese school will make your child understand how Japanese society works from a correct and not stereotyped and generalized view.

School in japan - what is the best option? Brazilian or Japanese school

Should I choose a Brazilian school?

The big problem for Brazilian schools in Japan is the high cost, which can exceed 2,000 reais per month. Not to mention the location, you won't find a Brazilian school in every neighborhood like the Japanese schools; sometimes your kids will have to travel a long way to school.

Brazilian schools in Japan do not usually have all subjects or school clubs like Japanese schools. They are the same subjects we study in Brazil, some don't even put Japanese in the main subject.

Brazilian schools in Japan are similar to Brazilian schools in Brazil. The vast majority do not meet expectations, do not pass the necessary content, teachers do not give confidence and are not prepared to teach. We are not saying that Brazilian schools in Japan are bad, but as the name suggests, they prepare people for Brazil and not for Japan.

School in japan - what is the best option? Brazilian or Japanese school

I could observe several people who were born in Japan and studied in Brazilian schools. They are basically not Japanese, they ended up following the path of their parents working in factories, they didn't graduate from Japanese universities and they don't use the language with any precision. Not to mention that the majority is aimless, without joy, wanting to return to Brazil.

Observing people who studied in Japanese schools, when they returned to Brazil they felt uncomfortable and aimless, as if they were in a foreign country with a great desire to return to Japan. So basically Brazilian schools are for kids who are definitely going to come back to Brazil.

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What's the best option? Japanese school or Brazilian school?

There is no such thing as a perfect school, it is best to visit each one carefully and examine the costs and family situation. Some of the problems that happen in schools are the responsibility of parents not to observe and worry about their children. This same scenario happens in Brazilian schools, where many young people paint and embroider without their parents watching.

School in japan - what is the best option? Brazilian or Japanese school

Ideally, your child should learn 2 languages or even more, the more languages he knows, the better his vision of the world and his success in the job market. So even if you have chosen a Japanese school, try to enroll him in a Portuguese course or teach him at home so he doesn't just stay in Japanese. Don't let the opposite happen either! I've seen many young people who were born in Japan and didn't learn the language.

If your child is already in a school and you are not satisfied, do not switch without considering other options. There are different schools, good and bad, both Japanese and Brazilian. It's never too late to change schools if something goes wrong. Adaptation is usually easy if you have parental support.

What is your opinion about Japanese and Brazilian schools? Have you had experiences with both? We appreciate the comments and shares!

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