Boruto: Naruto Next Generations - What's the future of this anime?

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Boruto is an anime produced by Pierrot Studios (known for producing Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, Bleach, Yu Yu Hakusho, among others) which premiered on April 5, 2017.

In short, the anime story takes place years after the last Shinobi War and shows Naruto Uzumaki as the seventh and current Hokage of Vila da Folha and as a family man married to Hinata Hyuuga.

The anime is centered on the life of Boruto, who is known in Vila da Folha for being the son of the Seventh Hokage.


However, Boruto has a distant relationship with his father as Naruto gives more priority to issues concerning the Village than his family.

This makes Boruto start to get ready all over the village doing things that those who have already watched Classic Naruto already know: Vandalizing the Hokage monument, making pranks and making other messes, all to draw attention (just as his father did in the his age).

And that is exactly what I will address: Plot of anime and characters.

NOTICE: This article may contain spoiler.


Boruto: Original characters or recycling?

If we analyzed him, he is Naruto himself with some changes: Impulsive, rude, rebellious, stubborn and lives doing shit.

The most notable difference is that Boruto is not as dumb as his father and he has no interest in the Hokage post.

But, basically it is the reincarnation of Naruto himself because Boruto, like his father, wants to be recognized, wants to surpass his father or his rivals, wants to do everything Naruto has done (except being Hokage).


Boruto is difficult to define as an individual, especially when he is clearly the protagonist because what he does is uninteresting or weightless (no bets, no risks, just things that relate to him).

In summary, Boruto's conception was extremely based (read copied) in his father, added to life without any ambition and distant relationship with the father (although, later, the two are reconciled then is a detail unless it differentiates him from the other characters).

Boruto: naruto next generations - qual o futuro desse anime?


The other characters in the cast

They suffer the same problem.

Boruto manages to differentiate himself (a little) from his father by throwing a tantrum with him.

Only the case of the others is worse because the other characters are an exact replica of their parents. Shikadai, son of Shikamaru and Temari, is basically a replica from his father because he has the same mannerisms and the same style of dress.

We are not talking about a character who pulled the characteristics of a relative, we are talking about a clone Shikamaru's child version.

And that applies to the other characters in the cast as well:

  • Chocho, daughter of Chouji and Karui (where did this romance come from?), Is greedy and only thinks about food, just like your father.
  • Inojin, son of Ino and Sai (where did this romance come from?), Is calm, quiet and obedient, just like your father.
  • Metal Lee, son of Rock Lee and??? (Isn't anyone going to raise a mother for this kid?), he's determined and hot-blooded, just like your father.
  • Sarada, daughter of Sasuke and Sakura, has the same temperament that the mother and even adopted her verbal tic (ちゃなろう〜〜〜〜〜 lit .: “chanarō—–“);

The other characters have no personality of their own. They are merely reminders of your parents' personality.

Their personalities are practically the same as those of the characters of Naruto and Naruto Shippuden, but worse.

Boruto's storyline (if any)

Boruto's other problem is, what's the reason? What is the reason for the existence of the series, after all?


In the first episode, we see Boruto facing Kawaki. This in a timeskip who knows how many years.

The problem will be how the story will play out there considering this:

  • Naruto and Sasuke were about 17 years old during the Shinobi War and have already reached a level of power that placed them above almost all ninjas in history;
  • Boruto's story takes place when Naruto and Sasuke are in their 30s, which means they are not old enough to justify lack of power;
  • In fact, at this point in the championship, both should have mastered new techniques and become much stronger;
  • This is a big problem, because it becomes impossible to have a real danger that can be solved by other characters, while Naruto and Sasuke are still alive;
  • If an enemy kills them, it will be too much for anyone to face, since that enemy has already killed the two most powerful ninjas of all;

Anyway, Boruto will no longer be able to face a villain who represents a serious threat to Vila da Folha because, well ... NARUTO AND SASUKE!

"Ah, but Boruto will be strong until then!" 

Do it in a way that makes sense, rather than buffar Boruto at each episode.

Boruto: naruto next generations - qual o futuro desse anime?


The development of the people… I mean, Boruto…

Masashi Kishimoto (author) no longer participates in the development of the work, nor does he supervise it.

Maybe that's a good thing because the script doesn't have to make Boruto inherit the Protagonism from your father.

Shikadai, Inoji, Chocho, Metal Lee and others will probably be in the background (remember Tenten and Shino? Yeah ...).

I don't even see any reason to give importance to any character besides Boruto and Mitsuki.

Oh, and if Sarada wants to have the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan, she will have to gouge out Sasuke's eyes.


The series is still in its infancy and Boruto is already able to do things that a Jounin can do. And he barely left the rank of Genin.

The fact that he is able to learn jutsus easily and applying them gives you a huge advantage over others; even about Naruto.

Not to mention that he managed to learn the Rasengan in two days. RASENGAN. IN TWO DAYS. 

In addition, it does the Rasengan become invisible, he has the Otsutsuki Cursed Seal and who is the Sensei? SASUKE UCHIHA.

What will Boruto's outcome be, after all?

The only problem with how the story is developing is that everything comes naturally to Boruto.


If we saw him training before using some of his Jutsu, that would even make sense, but we don't see it. Perhaps, the script develops in such a way that it is possible to have an explanation of why things are.

Or maybe they will buff-it each episode for no reason while Kishimoto sees the legacy of his creation being tarnished.