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The Japanese are masters in making people cry with tragic endings, dramatic history and other absurdities. In this article we will see the saddest anime of all time, but a complete list of sad anime.

These sad anime can come from a wide variety of genres, some are movies, others even action anime. Algus posseum only one dramatic scene, but that marks for the rest of his life.

Plastic Memories

I intend to start the list with more unknown anime, because the most popular you probably have already watched. Plastic Memories is one of the saddest anime that goes unnoticed by fans.

The anime tells the story of a young man who will work with the recovery of robots that make companies for people usually alone, who need love and who have already created various ties.

Getting these robots back is like it’s a funeral. All memories of robots are erased to prevent robots from causing problems in society. In anime we see mothers losing children, marriages being undone and etc.

The protagonist also falls in love with his co-worker who is also a robot that needs to reset himself. It’s really a very sad and depressing anime, but it has an exciting ending.

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Clannad – The anime troll

Clannad takes place in a Japanese college and tells the story of a “delinquent” named Tomoya and also of a beautiful girl named Nagisa, they study at the same school and begin to get closer and closer.

The anime focuses on topics such as the ties between people and mixing this boy’s friendship with the girls in his high school as an asset. Clannad is one of the few anime that manage to make you cry every episode.


The story begins in a simple way, but it’s revealing an incredible narrative. The coolest are the bonds that are forming naturally, with nothing forced.

The first season is not a novel, but a drama/comedy that gets more wrapped between the past and events that occurred to the characters’ resors. Not much to talk about Clannad.

But it is true to state that the strengths of the story are the captivating characters, well-crafted drama, past the characters a little as “intriguing”, overall, an anime note 10!

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Angel Beats – One of the saddest

The drama takes place in a place after death. Where angels struggle to complete fate and the future. Yuri, nickname Yurippe, is the leader of shinda sekai sensen (SSS, World after death, front), which is on the opposite side of God, to whom he gave him the fate of a life without purpose.

Angel (Tenshi) is the president of the student council of this world and she fights against SSS members. SSS members use battle weapons to confront angels, taking advantage of their supernatural powers.

Robotic notes

Angel Beats was one of the first sad animeides I’ve watched, and he’s really fantastic. An anime that features an attractive drama and holds the reader to want to know more. The whole anime is somewhat sentimental, also having the most loved declarations of love by the audience that watches anime.

Shigatsu wa Kimi on Use – The Cruel Anime

Synopsis: Kousei Arima is a child prodigy on the piano and well known to others in this field. One day, your mother dies and the boy, very shaken, suffers some consequences of this trauma.

He goes on to see the world entirely in melancholy tone and also can not hear the sound of the piano, although his hearing is in perfect condition. Another twist happens in his life when Kousei, meets Kaori Miyazono, an energy-filled violinist who gives color in his life and helps him move on.

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The anime, despite having the musical theme, does not focus it. But in the novel and maturing of the kousei character. The romance and psychological drama were very well elaborated, in addition to the exuberant history.

A drama can be described as something that may occur in real life, meaning we have everything for one! Romance, celebrated, tragedy, “philosophy”, and most importantly, the evolution of each character.

And Shigatsu deserves to be on this list for simply having an attractive plot that brings him great emotion. In this anime you will come across “Fear and insecurity, past traumas, tragedies and tragedies”.

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Synopsis: The story revolves around a group of childhood friends, who had separated after one of them died in a tragic accident. Ten years later the group reunited because of Menma’s ghost.

Menma’s ghost comes up with a slightly older appearance for the group leader who had moved away from society, asking for his help to rest in peace and with it.

The whole anime brings a more juvenile air, where you feel like being a child again and recreating everything that has already been done. The anime deals with topics such as drama, friendship and unity.


The character Menma has a unique charisma. After her death, none of her childhood friends wanted to accept this, but in the end, her only desire was to see everyone happy.

I myself don’t understand what it’s like to have a loss, but I think I’d feel the same way they did. This is one of the few anime that made me cry a lot and a lot, and still want more. That cheerful atmosphere joins in a depression can, which makes Hana’s Year to be what it is.

Hana Year is the kind of anime that leaves you memories and memories that are exemplary! Maybe it’s one of the saddest you’ll see. “The flower of the Garden that goes with the wind…“. This is the phrase that represents this beautiful anime!


Although the anime focused on mystery, suspense, adventure, comedy and romance, this anime was one of the ones that made me cry the most. Both the first and season two Zero. Steins; Gate is arguably the best anime in the world.

The beginning seems to be kind of idiotic, confusing, purposeless, but after you survive the first 13 episodes the anime takes a totally unexpected turn, full of despair and excitement, making any marmanjo cry.

Everything in the anime is perfect, from the soundtrack, unfolding of the story and epic ending. The anime has 25 episodes, a movie and then a Spin-Off that tells an alternate timeline that has occasioned the results of the end of the anime. A must-see anime!

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List of sad anime

  • Charlotte;
  • Akame ga Kill;
  • Code Geass;
  • Toradora;
  • Fullmetal Alchemist;
  • 5 Centimeters per second;
  • Kimi no na wa;
  • Koe no Katachi;
  • Garden of Words;
  • Steins; Gate;
  • Hotarubi no Mori E;
  • Golden Time;
  • Death Parade;
  • Kanon;
  • Erased;
  • Air, air;
  • Guilty Crown;
  • Orange;
  • Violet Evergarden;
  • Spirited Away;
  • Fruits Basket;
  • Little Busters;
  • Nana;
  • One Week Friends;
  • Nagi no Asukara;
  • Sakurasou no pet na kanojo;
  • Bokura ga ita;
  • Black Bullet;
  • Chobits;
  • Chrono Crusade;
  • Zankyou in Terror;
  • Kotoura-san;
  • Re:Zero;
  • White Album 2;
  • Lost Song;
  • Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash;
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