Be different from others!

In this article from my personal blog I would like to talk about something that unfortunately has affected all areas of life. Most internet content, marketing and even lifestyle content ends up following a pattern and getting saturated.

One of the main things I notice getting saturated is Internet Marketing. Whenever I access an email or website I end up coming across people using the same words as:

  • Learn the secret to.;
  • The technique for ...;
  • Get more than 7 digits in a week..;
  • In just 6 weeks...;
  • Top 10 something...;
  • See why not..;

Nowadays producers are applying the same formula to attract audiences, and this formula really works, but there's a problem with it all.

things get saturated

Suppose you want to go to a costume party and you're dressed as Spiderman, when you get there you find 10 other spidermen, are you comfortable with that?

Someone arrives at the party with a Pikachu costume, this costume is unique and attracts the attention of everyone at the party. You regret being Spider-Man.

At another party, you decide to go Pikachu, then another 10 Pikachu appear. Think hard about this and compare this illustration with the current condition of the world today.


Marketing is getting saturated these days. No one wants to know about Spider-Man or Pikachu anymore, because so many have been dressed up like that.

When you open your email and come across an advertisement, you simply delete it. How many users are not using Adblock in their browser? Have you ever clicked on website advertisements? Are you tired of seeing the same similar article on several different sites? The same topics being addressed on youtube channels?

Every day people are getting smarter about what they find on the internet! When they open a page with a single video, most of them close. Of course interested people will buy the product. It's just that it's a little scary to see great producers who make great content use the same techniques to get people's attention.

I use email marketing, online events and many other ways to interact with my audience. But I try to be as different as possible from other sites, addressing topics that other sites haven't addressed yet, even if I don't have as much reach for people, I try to be different. Of course, you can't stop doing what reaches the most people, but you must have a balance.

Every kind of marketing revolves around differentiation, equal people have no value! - Bruno Ávila

Traditional Marketing is dead, now it's up to you!

Currently I have observed that most people, especially on the internet, feel more comfortable watching, reading and buying from other people. Unfortunately, I see many websites and small businesses hiding under a name, thinking they are being more professional and marketing, but the result is the opposite.

It's been many years since the traditional marketing that companies used to do has died. Marketing is currently YOU! These days you should promote yourself and not your website or company name. That's why youtube channels have become so popular, and personal blogs end up receiving much more visits than sites that hide behind a business name.

Promoting yourself makes you unique in the market and that gives you the ability to reach, make and sell anything! By becoming the only one in the market, you eliminate the competition!

Be different from others!

It's just that people are making the same mistake, they're doing the same as others. Even doing personal marketing, they use the same messages, the same emails, the same phrases, similar names on the product and this is totally visible.

You must differentiate even a little! It's not hard to be different and use the same formula. Just don't make the mistake of being like everyone else! Are you being different? Are you offering something different from your competitors? Is your communication being different? Think about it and start being different!

Everyone wants to use the same bus to get somewhere, but not everyone fits, this could end up causing an accident. If you are in the midst of a group that has a lot of rejection, you will lose credibility. So be careful not to look too much like other people.

Finally, I want you to remember the following points that will help you in your business:

  • Don't stop being yourself to do marketing!
  • Trends come and go;
  • Don't use the same words as others;
  • People buy from people;
  • Be different!

I hope you enjoyed the article, share it with your friends and leave your comments. thanks to Bruno Ávila that inspired me to write this article.

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