Basketball Anime for those who liked Kuroko no Basket

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Hello everyone, everything good? From now on I will assume that you like basketball or anime that involves this sport of giants. Well, the biggest reference in anime that we have so far is Kuroko no basket, but did you know that this is not the only anime with this sport? Now I will give you a list of basketball anime.

That’s right, basketball anime. However they are not as popular as kuroko, but that does not mean that they are not good either. I know of a lot of good anime that didn’t become popular, but that’s beside the point. I will go through the list and it is up to you whether or not to attend.

If you have already watched any of these on the list leave your comment saying what it was, in addition share the article to help us. Now let’s stop the small talk and go straight to the list.

Basketball Anime for those who liked Kuroko no Basket - kuroku no basket 1

Slam dunk – A classic of basketball anime

To start with the right foot, let’s go with a classic. Slam dunk tells the story of Hanamichi Sakuragi, who is famous for his temper, tall stature and red hair. He enrolled at Shohoku High, hoping to get a girlfriend or break his record of being rejected 50 times in a row in high school. 

His notoriety precedes him, however, leading him to be avoided by most students. After a few events, Hanamichi is left with two unshakable thoughts: “I hate basketball” and “I desperately need a girlfriend”.

But one day, a girl named Haruko Akagi approaches him without any knowledge of his problem and asks if he likes basketball. Hanamichi immediately falls in love with her, letting out a heated statement. Soon he finds himself in the school gym where the girl asks him if he can show him a Slam Dunk (buried).

And in an attempt to impress Haruko, he makes the leap, but goes over his head, hitting his head on the blackboard. When Haruko tells the captain of the basketball team about Hanamichi’s almost inhuman physical abilities, he slowly finds himself involved in the camaraderie and competition of the sport for which he had already created a grudge.

Comments on Slam dunk

This is a basketball classic, I didn’t particularly know that there were other basketball anime. But I was terribly wrong, of course there are not many, but there are some and among these some Slam Dunk is the most popular. I watched only 3 episodes and I already liked it, it is not in vain that it is opening the list.

Besides that there is still romance in the story, which can be very interesting if you develop it more deeply and not just leave it parked. In my opinion everything is better when you have a well-designed novel, a pity that not everyone has but hope is the last that dies. Anyway, watch this anime and give me spoiler.

Ro-kyu-bu! – Basketball Anime with Lolis Moe

Hasegawa Subaru joined the basketball club at Nanashiba High, only to have his hopes dashed when the team is suspended after the captain is suspected of having inappropriate feelings for the coach’s underage daughter. Just to note that the daughter was still a child (this gives a chain).

Frustrated and blocked by bad luck, Subaru unexpectedly finds an opening for his talent with the hoops when his aunt, who happens to look like a child, asks him to take on the task of coaching a girls’ basketball club (in the sense children) – a Ro-Kyu-Bu!

She asks him for this favor because he managed to take his team from elementary school, which was extremely weak, to the semifinals of the student championship. But can an aspiring superstar find real satisfaction in playing the sixth man in a team of five girls?

Comments for Ro-kyu-bu!

If you are one of those who love to see cute lolis in anime this is the perfect anime because it mixes these cute little girls and basketball. A combination of making your nose bleed. Lolitas and lolis in droves, and to improve they still have their personal challenges to overcome and goals to achieve.

Don’t worry because I don’t have this kind of tendency, I just stayed for cute things just like Natsume yuujinchou’s Madara (only those who watched this anime will know what I’m talking about). Anyway, the plot is very well explained in the synopsis, but it does not say the challenges he faces to train these girls, and neither will I release this spoiler.

Basquash – A basketball anime with robots? 

On the planet Earthdash, its inhabitants admire its moon and the technologically advanced lunar city of Mooneyes. Dan JD, a boy who lives in Rollingtown on the surface of Earthdash, is caught up in Bigfoot Basketball – a fast-paced sport played with giant Bigfoot robots.

Basketball Anime for those who liked Kuroko no Basket - basquash5 2

Comments on Basquash

I’ve seen robots fighting, flying, shooting, exchanging punches, using weapons and various other things, which is no surprise to anyone as this is quite common, but robots playing basketball is the first time I have seen this phenomenon.

BUT, how strange the plot is is how good it is, and it gets even better with the episodes you watch. However, one episode is enough to stop watching and do the marathon of the more than 20 episodes he has. I’ve watched it all and I am thinking of repeating the dose because it is very good.

Ecchi, a little romance, charismatic characters, a great plot behind it, some points of drama, moments of euphoria and everything an anime needs to be good. And as they say in the anime “THIS IS BASKETBALL”.

Buzzer beater – Basketball anime with aliens? 

Hideyoshi is a homeless boy who lives in New York in the near future, who survives by churning other kids at basketball games. But now he has been called up to a professional team – a professional team with a single goal. There was a time when humans dominated the game of basketball.

But times have changed, and now the physically superior aliens have taken over the game, and there are almost no human players left. But Hideyoshi’s team – the first all-human team to compete in the Space League – aims to change all that and bring the championship back to Earth.

Basketball Anime for those who liked Kuroko no Basket - basquete alien 3

Comments on Buzzer beater

This is that typical character who plays the role of a self-confident idiot who thinks he is the best at what he does. I will not say that he is bad at basketball, on the contrary he is a genius but he lacks humility to admit that he needs to improve. However, this is a poison and a medicine at the same time.

After all, after so long without humanity having a chance against humans, it is always good to have someone who is not afraid to face the aliens. The anime has the old graphics but it is not a horrible quality, what bothered me a bit was the character designer.

Anyway, I advise anyone who wants to watch this anime to use the three episode rule, that is, watch three episodes and then judge whether or not to continue, but I do not advise giving up because the plot becomes better as time goes by . I haven’t finished yet, I don’t intend to give up.

I’ll / CKBC – A basketball anime with drama

Akane Tachibana and Hitonari Hiiragi are two high school basketball stars and great rivals on the courts. In the past, the only thing that blocked each other’s success was the other. But when Hiiragi is transferred to Kouzu College, they become teammates.

Will the two court masters resolve their differences in time for the big game against Kokutai, or will Hiiragi change teams to challenge his opponent face to face?

Comments on I’ll / CKBC 

The greater the rivalry the greater the tune. I always say that you can only really hate or love someone, only when you know him deeply. Otherwise you are just a hypocrite judging people for superficial opinions and without a knowledge base about the other person.

But it doesn’t matter at the moment. Unfortunately it is an anime divided into 2 OVAS, but it gets the job done because the story is very compact and direct. In addition, there is the question of its drama being well developed. It’s worth watching, and I don’t know why it’s so unpopular, I’ve seen bad anime being more popular than this one, which is acceptable.

Ahiru no sora – You can win anime

A strong, weak, but highly passionate Sora Kurumatani enters Kuzuryuu High School with the hope that he will fulfill his mother’s will to dominate his first high school tournament. However, the basketball club – turned into a den for criminals – does anything but play basketball! 

His club members, Momoharu Hanazono, a skilled blocker who manages to make power leaps but who sucks when shooting, and his twin brother Chiaki, a talented point guard, have also lost interest in the sport. 

With just one game overloaded with adrenaline and emotion, and Sora’s pure love for the game, the young man’s burning spirit for basketball reignites. 

Comments for Ahiru no Sora 

As of August 2018 this anime has not been released. The anime has only the news of its adaptation for anime, but it does not give any more information besides this. However it is always good to be prepared in case you are being a success like Kuroko. As soon as we have more information I will update the Post.

What did you think of basketball anime? 

Finally, we will mention other basketball anime that are:

  • Dear Boys;
  • Dash Kappei;

This is all that this article can offer to basketball and anime lovers. If you liked any of those mentioned in this list, share it with us and give your opinion about it. Also, don’t forget to share the site.

Remembering that these are just basketball anime besides Kuroko no basket, so it is not listed in this list. And if you have any questions, suggestions, criticism or the like, just leave your comment. In addition, thank you, my dear reader, for reading this article so far and until the next.

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