Amazing tips to improve your drawing skills without leaving home

Whether you want to learn the basics, landscapes or portraits, there's a drawing class or online teacher for you.

I got back to drawing when the pandemic started, to try to do something creative in my newly acquired spare time. Art can be an effective mode of self-expression and a way to help process the events happening around you. Even watching other people paint can be therapeutic.

But how can you start honing your drawing skills if you're still stuck at home or not enough time to drive to your art classes? You don't have to go back to college or buy expensive tools to learn to draw, all you need is an online art class. We've put together some of the best online drawing resources to help you learn the basics of drawing and form your own art style. It's time to grab your pencil and start sketching, whether you're a seasoned artist looking to expand your skills or an absolute beginner.

In this article, we share with you some amazing tips that will help you in your creative process and motivate you to get started as soon as possible.

- amazing tips to improve your drawing skills without leaving home

Get an Art Teacher Online

I know most people don't think you can learn art properly if you don't have your teacher or instructor by your side. The reality is that this thinking is extremely outdated and far from the truth.

The truth is, by learning from professional art teachers online, you gain access to the most expert instructors in all types of art forms from around the world. This saves a lot of time and money and will speed up your learning process.

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2. Draw the simple things around you

Start by drawing common and simple things. For a beginner who wants to perfect the design, it is advisable to start with the immediate environment. Draw simple everyday things and remember to keep a daily work diary so that with each new day you can improve on mistakes made in previous drawings. It is also advisable to start with sketches of photos as a base to work with.

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3 Watch! Watch! Watch!

Be an observant person. An artist must be very attentive to everything, whether it's a simple line or meticulously detailed drawings. Just looking at the shape of the images an artist finds helps them learn many things, and they can also see where they make mistakes in their drawings and correct them by observation. Normally, for any artist to test their drawing skills, it is advisable to look at something, perhaps an object or a person, and then try to draw what they saw.

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4. Keep a sketchbook

A sketchbook tells a story and tracks your drawing skills and evolution. From doodles to elaborate artwork, a sketchbook helps showcase your idea generation skills, demonstrates your drawing ability, helps improve your creativity, lets you show interest in a wide variety of styles, topics, and projects. Take your sketchbook with you wherever you go. Try different techniques. You don't have to stick to a style.

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5. Try freehand drawing

Normalize the freehand drawing instead of a ruler. Freehand drawing allows the draftsman to develop his patterns and lines, which define his work. It also allows you to draw faster. It is vital to avoid using the ruler when drawing, as it helps train the hand to be independent, and this is how drawing improves. Drawing freestyle and without a ruler will make your art look more vibrant and unique.

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6. Master drawing techniques

Learn the basics of drawing. Mastering basic technical aspects of drawing is essential to improving your skill set. Drawing doesn't just involve drawing using a pencil. Think about the rules of perspective, shading, anatomy, proportion, composition, etc. Any artist must also understand basic pencil skills to develop drawing competence. Skills include how to hold a pencil or pens, draw in different ways, natural arm movement, and more.

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7. Be inspired

Have a role model, mentor, online art teacher, or someone you look up to. Admiring the artwork of a particular artist allows work with focus, aspiring to become like the mentor or even better. Therefore, an artist should print drawings of their models and then try to do like them, or better yet, hone their general drawing skills.

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Good drawing skills are vital to expressing the world around you. There are many tips out there that an artist can use to improve their skills, but these tips would be useless if the artist lacked focus, determination and dedication. As an artist, you need to constantly learn and grow to be competent and stay relevant. Remember that if you want to make masterpieces, you also need creativity and imagination, reproducing reality is a simple thing that cameras or printers can do, changing reality is the next step.

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