Asian Sports Betting Markets – What Are They?

Unlike the gambling, like the slot machine, sports betting is a common practice that has gained more and more fans in Brazil and around the world, establishing partnerships and sponsoring clubs around the world.

if you already bet at any sports bookmaker, be it bet365, betano, sportingbet or betcris (considered the most famous in Brazil today), you must have already noticed that there is an option to enter the Asian odds market, in which values are usually formed by broken numbers (0.5, 1.5, 2.5, 3.5, etc) and/or decimals (1.768, 1.569, etc). For those who don't know, “Odd's” (“odis”) are the multipliers, that is: they are the numbers that will multiply the amount bet and thus generate the financial return, in case of success.

Generally, the Asian betting market is exploited by individuals who don't want to risk so much, but who want to make satisfying profits. The most common options for this type of bettor are the Asian corners and the Asian handicap, which we will explain in more detail below.

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as in all game, it is possible to lose or win. However, professional (non-recreational) punters tend to explore Asian markets more often to be more confident that they will get their guesses right. However, you must be thinking: “why is this market more interesting and safe?” Simple. The Asian market offers a greater numerical possibility of hitting, given that it is a market formed by broken numbers and with higher odds for a very specific type of bettor, the safe corner bettor. The Asian corner bettor will not risk the exact or full number of corners, but whether there will be “more” or “less” corners in that match.

When betting on “less than 12.5 corners”, for example, it is enough that there are no 13 corners for you to win and receive the profit, while in the common bet you would have to bet on less than 12 and, if the exact number of corners is 12, you would therefore lose the bet. In the case of 12.5 this would not happen. In other words, if the game is 11 corners, the “under 12.5” bet means that you will win even if 1 more corner happens, as 11 + 1 = 12 and 12 is less than 12.5.

The success of sports betting

Asian Handicap

Another very common market among professionals in the field is the “Asian handicap”. Basically, the term “handicap” refers to the act of giving an advantage to the weaker side or giving a disadvantage to the stronger side, in order to balance things out. Similar to what happens in "Go" game (when the weaker opponent is offered the possibility of placing extra stones first and thus balancing the scores), the handicap of the games betting works in much the same way, through disadvantages like -0.0, -0.50, -1.50 (and so on) and odds like +0.0, +0.50, +1.50 and so on.

A factor that should be highlighted is that the handicap only counts from the moment the bet is placed. For example: if the match is already taking place and the score is 1 x 0 for one of the parties, automatically the handicap will only be valid from the moment the bet was made (i.e. as if the match was still at 0 x 0) .

At first it may seem quite complicated to understand this betting model, but over time things become easier to understand.

Sports betting in Japan

The soccer It's an unpredictable sport. Brazilians are the most passionate about football. With sports betting it is no different. The success of “bets” in the country is very evident, it is on the shirts, on the signs around the field, on TV commercials, on the internet, in the mouth of the people. In Japan and other Asian countries, it seems clear to me that one of the most explored sports for betting is “horse racing”. As we see in the South Korean series Round 6 for example.

In Japan more specifically, we have that four sports are usually legalized for the practice of betting. In general, racing, whether by horse, bicycle, boat or motorcycle, tends to be practiced frequently and legally. Known as “Keiba”, Japanese horse races are legally and publicly managed, run by the Japan Racing Association (JRA) and can pay winners very well.

Japanese gambling and gambling - allowed or prohibited?
Asian Sports Betting Markets - What Are They?

The word “keiba” is written this way: 競馬 (けいば) in Japanese. The first kanji means "competition", while the second carries the idea of "horse".

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