Asian Kung-Fu Generation: Facts and Success

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If you like anime, maybe you have already heard some of the songs from this band J-Rock. Asian Kung-fu generation appeared in 1996, in a club College Music School in Yokohama. The band members are Kensuke Kita (guitar and vocals) Masafumi Gotō (guitar and vocals) Takahiro Yamada (bass and vocals) and Kiyoshi Ijichi (drummer).

In the beginning they only composed and sang in English and played in schools and places in the region. In 2000, they released their first album entirely in English, which didn't do much for them.

So, needing money, they started writing and singing in Japanese. They started recording tapes and sending them to independent radio stations around. It was there that in 2001, the music "Konayuki" began to be successful on many radio stations, paving the way to stardom. In the same year they released another indie album, this time all in Japanese.

Asian kung-fu generation - curiosities and success

In 2002, they released a mini album called Houkai Amplifer, which became an immediate success, breaking sales records. It even led the band to sign a contract with the Japanese record label. Sony Music.

The Album reached number one on the Highline Records weekly chart and even peaked at number 35 on the Oricon indie chart. One of the songs on this album is "Haruka Kanata", nothing more nothing less than Naruto anime's second official opening. In 2003 they released two singles, Kimi to iu Hana and Mirai no Kakera, and the first full-length album, called Kimi Tsunagi FiveM.

Asian Kung-Fu Generation in Anime

From then on, the band Asian kung-fu generation or also known as ajikan achieved worldwide success. In 2004 they won the award for best music video with the music video “Kimi to iu Hana”. That same year they released three more new singles. and one of them was “Rewrite”, which became the anime's fourth opening song “Full Metal Alchemist”.  That year they also performed at many music festivals and recorded the album Sol-Fa, which sold over 500,000 copies.

Recently, Re:Re:, another song from this album became the theme for the anime Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi (Erased) or Erased. In 2007, with more than 10 years of career, they released the third live DVD, and at the end of the year they released the song "After Dark", which became the anime's seventh opening Bleach. They also released "Maigoinu to Ame no Beat" in 2010, the anime's opening theme. The Tatami Galaxy. And in 2016, the music Blood Circulator became the 19th opening of the anime Naruto Shippuden.

Asian kung-fu generation - curiosities and success

Until today the band is active, doing many shows, both in Japan and around the world. And did you already know the band? Do you know the anime openings? Tell us in the comments and share with your friends.

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