Nihongando with Nanda - Japanese Course - Analysis

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In this article, we will talk in detail about the Japanese course Nihongando with Nanda. Is it worth it? What is the content of the course? How does the course work? This and other information we will see in this article.

In the midst of thousands of online Japanese courses, people are unsure of which course to purchase. This choice is personal, but I say that any online course depends entirely on the person's dedication.

The purpose of this article is to present in detail the proposal made by Fernanda Ando the creator of the Nihongando course with Nanda. Below we will leave a list or summary of topics covered in this article:


Who is Nanda?

Nanda's real name is Fernanda Ando, she was born in Rio de Janeiro and grew up in the countryside with a desire to learn several languages. She liked to play as a teacher and at 16 she did exchange in the USA and later graduated in tourism.

After college she married a Japanese descendant and moved to Japan. After many years of experiencing the 2008 crisis, difficulties in learning Japanese with traditional methods and even divorce, she used all of her investment in an intensive Japanese course.

In a year and a half she reached the N2 level of the JLPT (fluency) and started working as an English and Portuguese teacher for the Japanese. Then she married a Japanese and learned what Japanese culture really is.

After having a child, she started teaching Japanese to mothers who lived in Japan and also faced all problems related to language and culture. She started to see a great opportunity to help Brazilians who go all over Japan and also others who want to learn this wonderful language.


Nanda's main goal is to teach Japanese to everyone in an innovative, fun and simple way.

What is nihongando?

Nanda soon decided to create the Nihongando project, which consists of a website and youtube channel that shares Japanese tips, along with a complete online course in a members area.

Nihongando with Nanda is a Japanese course with live lessons every week, with a total of 10 months in duration and divided into 3 phases called Ganbarou, Jouzu and Sugoi.

Ganbarou - 頑張ろう - It means we will do our best - In the first phase the student will learn all the techniques of the course to learn Japanese, tools to help in the proclamation and other study tools. You will also learn all the basics of Japanese.


Jouzu - 上手 - It means that the person is good and skilled in the language - Will learn to express themselves in Japanese, learn verbal forms and advanced things in the Japanese language. You will already learn to hold conversations with native Japanese. You will learn to think in Japanese.

Sugoi - 凄い - It means incredible, expresses surprise - Native content in the Japanese language with videos, texts and audios used by the Japanese.

The course also has tests, assessments, teaching materials step by step, comment system, communities, forums, live classes and many other things to satisfy the student's desire to learn.

Nihongando com a nanda - curso de japonês - análise

I believe that over the years the course will receive more updates and content for students. for me this is the obligation of every online course, since the teacher has full capacity to do this.


Many believe that face-to-face Japanese courses are better than online classes. In reality this will depend on the person, because if he does not have discipline, his investment may not have results. Studying Japanese online requires a person to be dedicated and do exactly everything that is instructed in the course.

I say this from experience, I have access to the Japanese online course Japanese Online Program and I cannot dedicate myself entirely to the proposed method. I can't review Anki daily or listen to audios and classes weekly, but the fault is not the course, it's mine for not having discipline.

Nihongando com a nanda - curso de japonês - análise

The big problem with face-to-face courses is that many are slow in order to generate more money from tuition. Have you ever wondered why Brazil is the country with the most English schools, but if we notice, almost nobody speaks English? Exactly for this reason, the purpose of face-to-face courses is only to generate money and not to teach.

Not to mention that face-to-face classes require you to leave home at a specific time, while online courses allow you to study whenever you want, whenever you want. Just don't do like me, procrastinating and postponing your studies.

With Nihongando you will learn up to 10x faster than face-to-face courses. The only face-to-face courses I trust are intensive courses with daily classes and more than 5 hours of classes per day, but this is not common in Brazil and requires a lot of time, something that Brazilians in Japan do not usually have.

What you need to know about online Japanese courses

Online courses have become very popular lately, because of the low total investment, the convenience of the student to learn at home and also the ease of the teacher to organize the content taught.

Unfortunately this popularity has also generated greed, both from teachers and from websites that advertise online courses. For example, if you search for the name of any course online, you will see some sites unrelated to the course advertising it as affiliates in exchange for commission.


That's because these channels are only interested in selling, so they spam, use techniques condemned by Google and write lies to get people to buy language courses on impulse. This makes Nanda's name, being an online course, end up having a bad reputation.

Fortunately, Nanda does not leave her course open for affiliations. This shows that she values the content of her course and also condemns the boring practices that marketers use on the internet. So be carefree that Nihongando is not just another online course, its content is rich and quality.

Before answering questions like: “Is Nanda's Nihongando Japanese course reliable?"I have to ask you:"Will you dedicate yourself to Japanese studies if you buy the course?“.

As much as you value your investment, no online course will disappoint you. And if you are disappointed, remember that all digital products and online courses sold on platforms like Hotmart, warranted for 30 days or more.

If you just don't like the course, just open a complaint on the Hotmart and wait for your refund. Whenever a customer receives a refund I am aware and receive a notification in my email as shown in the image below:

Nihongando com a nanda - curso de japonês - análise

Proof that the course is good is when it rarely has refunds. The refund rate for courses I share on Suki Desu are usually less than 1%. Thus proving that the majority of people who have bought, are satisfied and are dedicated to studying Japanese.

Now let's go back to talking specifically about the course Nihongando of Nanda.

Nihongando with Nanda VS Japanese Online Program

If you’ve been following Suki Desu for a long time, you’ll notice that my favorite course is Japanese Online Program. Especially because I had the opportunity to personally meet its author Luiz Rafael and also to follow the progress and growth of the course since its beginning in 2014.

Some people ask me, which Japanese course is better? Nihongando with Nanda or Japanese Online Program? I feel uncomfortable saying which one is better. I think they both have strengths and weaknesses.

Nihongando com a nanda - curso de japonês - análise

Luiz Rafael from the Japanese Online Program has changed his course a lot in recent years, hiring native teachers and folding and reformulating the content taught in the course. Nanda, on the other hand, seems to be a charismatic girl with a different proposal to teach.


I think you need to personally decide which of the 2 courses is best for your investment. Both have similar prices, duration and methods,

There are other alternatives like the Japanese course in Ricardo Cruz and some others Japanese courses new online products that are appearing. I just want to reaffirm that the Nihongando course is very good, so you don't have to be afraid if you liked Nanda's way of teaching.

I hope your doubts have been resolved. It is not easy to decide or trust something online, if you fell on that page because you were looking for additional information about the course, you were someone smart. I wish you a good Japanese study and hope that you really dedicate yourself!

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