Action anime – Best anime with fights and Adventures

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Looking for action anime to watch? In this article we will share a complete list with the best action anime organized by sub-genres and groups. anime where focus are fights, beating and blood. Where you will always have some emotion or physical and psychological battle. See a list of the best action anime of all time.

It is impossible to talk about all the action anime that exists, because this genre is very comprehensive. That’s why we’re going to avoid talking about the best-known anime of the genre like Dragon Ball, One Piece and Naruto of life.

The best action anime scans everyone knows

Let’s start by putting the action anime that if it’s not on the list people will get stressed out. They can easily fit into other categories of the article, but we will not put them there. It’s the action anime with the highest notes in EVIL and with a gigantic popularity.

Action anime - Best anime with fights and Adventures -  1

Hunter x Hunter

Synopsis – One of the biggest shounen anime that still goes unnoticed by people. It tells the story of a boy who wants to pass an exam to become a Hunter and look for his father in a vast, bullshit-filled world.

My opinion – Apparently it’s a simple and short synopsis, but it doesn’t represent the depth of this perfect work with countless bows, a lot of action and struggle. It was one of the best animeI ewatched in my entire life, too bad the author is a lazy who doesn’t keep up his manga. Note 100/10 (Kevin).

Action anime - Best anime with fights and Adventures - anime kiseijuu 2

Kiseijuu: Sei No Kakuritsu

Synopsis – Tells the story of a world that is invaded by carnivorous parasites that dominate people’s bodies and pretend to be human. A young man prevents the parasite from eating his brain, and the two coexist together (with parasite in his hand) and struggle to wipe out the other parasites that eat humans.

My opinion – An anime made by the famous Madhouse that only makes good anime. This one arrested me from beginning to end, has a closed story and a lot of action with psychological suspense. My grade is 9/10 (Kevin).

Action anime - Best anime with fights and Adventures - kuroyukihime 3

Accel World

Synopsis – A fat, short and failed young man is invited by the most popular girl in high school to play a virtual reality game that presents the player with an ability to speed up in time and see the world by being around totally stopped. Unfortunately this skill has a price, and to use it and does not lose it the person needs to win fights in the virtual reality game.

My opinion – Everyone talks about SAO, but I personally prefer Accel World, the story captivated me much more, it’s a shame that not everyone likes the failed protagonist and prefers an overpower protagonist like Kirito. My note for this anime is 9/10 (Kevin).

action anime that everyone knows

We’re still in the popular action anime part. The fact that I spoke modinha does not mean that the anime are bad, if you have not seen any, follows the list below:

  • Shingeki in Kyojin;
  • Sword Art Online;
  • Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood;
  • Tokyo Ghoul;
  • One Punch Man;
  • Angel Beats!;
  • Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch;
  • Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann;
  • Psycho-Pass;
  • Highschool of the Dead;
  • Ghost in the Shell;
  • Inuyashiki District
  • Fate…

Realistic – Action anime without magic and powers

Most Japanese action anime are very fanciful, with powers, spells and unrealistic things. Let’s start by listing some action anime that lacks magic and supernatural powers. Action anime that are realistic with fights, shots and stories possible to happen in real life.

91 days

Synopsis – Tells the story of a young man who lost his family as a child because of the American mafia at the time of prohibition in the U.S. To get revenge he infiltrates the mafia itself to totally end her, one by one.

My opinion – An interesting anime, short with the story closed and with lots of action and suspense. My grade is 8/10 (Kevin).


Synopsis – In this anime, people are thrown on to an island to fight to the death using bombs and diversified explosives based on an online game. The main protagonist was one of the best players in the online game.

My opinion – Anime was great, has a lot of action, suspense and even romance. It’s a shame you haven’t won a second season to this day. My grade is 8/10 (Kevin).

Action anime - Best anime with fights and Adventures - golden kamuy anime 4

Golden Kamuy

Synopsis – A recent and historical anime that tells the story of a former war soldier seeking a treasure with a young Ainu (tribe of Japan). To find the treasure they need to find prisoners who own a certain tattoo on their backs and gather them to find the location before other psychopaths who are behind the treasure finds them.

My opinion – One of the best anime I watched in 2018, it shows the history of Japan and the Ainu tribe, in addition to hunting and food at that time. The anime has a lot of action and comedy and fights a little bloody. No need for supernatural powers and things. My grade is 8/10 (Kevin).

Other action anime without magic and powers

  • Air Gear;
  • Inuyashiki;
  • Cowboy Bebop;
  • Lupin III;
  • Detective Conan;

Robots don’t bleed – Action anime with Mecha

Yes to get off to a good start, cheers with those giant machines exchanging punches or fighting with huge weapons. Fortunately they are machines and if you lose an arm or a leg they can be recovered. And mostly, robots don’t have the blood to stop in the middle of the fight just to show they’re bleeding. But unfortunately pilots always stop for other reasons.

Action anime - Best anime with fights and Adventures - aldnoah zero meka 5

Synopsis – To open with gold key. This anime that takes place in a world where humans managed to colonize Mars, but there they discovered a very advanced technology. Extremely technological robots that had a great power of war.

Those who were sent to Mars decided not to deliver this technology to earth and thus declared their independence as a planet. A war was generated from this impasse. And the earth used all the weapons at its disposal. In the end the earth lost and were forced to live obeying the rules of Mars.

My opinion – this anime just isn’t better because the protagonist is not perverted. I almost forgot to mention that the moon was destroyed in the war. But anyway, the protagonist is very overpower. On earth they had some robots that were created to combat Mars technologies.

And in schools they train students to fly these robots with some less developed robots. And the protagonist takes one of these training robots and wipes out mars robots one by one. More information go watch the anime, because it’s already too long just for this Anime. My note to this anime is 9 (unfortunately the novel does not engage).

Action anime - Best anime with fights and Adventures - asura cryin 6

Asura Cryin

Synopsis – An anime with ghost is nothing new, but one that the ghost pilots a robot invoked in an extremely innovative way. Well, that’s basically the synopsis. The protagonist has a girl ghost who is his childhood friend.

After finding some strange people, his life changes dramatically, starting with a milf robot that loves to provoke the protagonist. And along with her comes serious struggles that the protagonist has to face just because her ghost friend can now summon and control that robot.

My opinion – I didn’t like it, the part where the protagonist is cowardly to women. Honestly, if the protagonist isn’t a coward with women, you’ll already get a score of 10 on my My Anime List profile. But in the rest this anime is good, with strong MC, and that does not fear problems. It’s a good indication and has two seasons to watch. My grade to this is 7.

Action anime - Best anime with fights and Adventures - gundam 7


Synopsis – This is a classic, and a reference in this regard. Gundam despite having no focus on a main story he does his homework when it comes to fights between robots. With several robots fighting each other, several scenes of destruction and drama, comedy, science fiction all mixed in the anime of this series.

Not to be bewildered and not knowing where to start, I recommend an article we have here on the site so you don’t get lost in the timeline of this Anime.

My opinion – Weapons, fights, wars and everything else an anime needs. I haven’t watched all the anime yet but I’m trying. Fortunately it’s a good anime and it’s not nauseous. Outside that in some have very interesting protagonists. This is a good recommendation is to have several different timelines and stories, so it’s kind of hard not to identify with any. My note to this anime is 7.

Knight’s and Magics

Synopsis – To finish as well as it started we have this anime which is one of the best I found. An IT genius and mechanical otaku, with great passion for the engineering of these robots. Now this guy dies and reincarnates in another world of magic where it is possible to build such robots.

There’s no way this guy can’t study everything and do everything to realize his dream. And to complete he has a great Intelligence he brought from the other life. And he can, not just a robot or two, and he satisfied himself, he… Spoiler was banned here in the article.

My opinion – I consider this anime one of the best of this genre. With its amazing graphics and 3D animation placed at the right times, this is an anime that in my opinion represents everything you can expect from the genre.

So if you were interested just watch the anime, I guarantee that if you like mecha and smart protagonist you will like this. The only problem is the infantility of the protagonist. My note to this anime is 9. 

Other Action anime with Mecha

as we have no room to discuss all the anime I selected I will leave the names here:

  • Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
  • Code Gearse
  • Evangelion
  • Schwarzesmarken
  • Heavy object
  • Eureka seven
  • Inuyashiki District

Sword is Justice – Action anime with Samurai or Swordsmen

In my opinion, if in an action list there are no anime with swords, the list is made by an amateur. And I’m not going to extend any more than necessary, let’s get to the point.

Afro Samurai

Synopsis – In anime that tells the story of two bandanas, calm is not exactly like that. These two bandanas are given to the strongest fighters in the world, and bandana number 1 can only be challenged by bandana number 2. Bandana number two can be challenged by anyone. The anime shows us the story of a boy who after feeling the pain of losing an important person before his eyes, this person was the owner of bandana number 1.

He then decides to take bandana number 2 and become strong to so take revenge on the man who is the current bandana number 1.

My opinion – Complicated explanation but it’s great to cheer, with strong protagonist and too badass. His thirst for revenge consumes him and that’s all he has and so he keeps behind power to challenge the one who is the object of hatred. My note for this anime is 9. 

Brave 10

Synopsis – This is set in centuries past. A highly skilled former samurai with the sword finds a girl who had her village of origin burned by criminals apparently for no reason. She managed to escape, but unfortunately she was the only one who survived, and is destined for another village that was said to be a place for her to seek shelter.

On the way to this village she is found by those responsible for the fire and is forced to flee to a forest, there she finds our samurai protagonist and asks her for help. And so the story unfolds. But after a few days some mysteries that surround the girl are being discovered.

My opinion – This is that typical Anime that focuses on fights and not romances, so don’t expect much between these two. But there’s an interesting story. It’s no longer good for those who like a good comedy story and a lot of fighting. The protagonist is very strong but the fights are very well matched. Fortunately, we don’t have any serious problems. My grade to this is 7. 


Synopsis – A god who does not have a single temple in his name. This is our protagonist, who charges a mere 5 yen to make an exorcism of creatures that I don’t even know how they can be so disgusting. But fortunately this is a protagonist who has an obscure past and this is great for my criteria.

Remembering that his sword is actually a spirit of a boy, a boy who has become a kind of restless spirit. I surprised this fact, not the fact that the boy is this kind of spirit, but the fact that it is the sword of our protagonist. I don’t think this idea is cool, I can’t digest that. Just say what you think.

Well to continue synopsis we have to present the third important person in this Anime. A girl who for some reason saw this protagonist of ours, who is usually not seen by anyone but specific people, and on a special occasion gained the ability to project her soul out of the body.

Well, she can’t control that ability very well, but she doesn’t take the merits off just that. She starts interacting and helping the two boys with various things. And if you want to know more about them watch the anime.

My opinion – I don’t have much to comment on, this is a rare case of anime that I liked but i had no qualities or defects to note. My grade is 7.

Koukaku in Regios

Synopsis – Post apocalyptic world, monsters, overpower protagonist, girls falling in love with the protagonist, protagonist showing how powerful all this is the formula of this anime. When someone who is considered one of the greatest warriors of his era makes a mistake that cannot be forgiven, goes to another city and enters a school so he can try to live in peace and cannot go unnoticed. This is the situation of our protagonist.

After entering the school of this other city he is forced to show his powers. Unfortunately he is too slow to realize the feelings of girls but compensates for his skill with the sword. At this rate he gets even more involved with this city and then…

My opinion – No spoiler, unfortunately this is a hindrance, but I can say that the president of the school’s student council is like usual, i.e. manipulative, calculating and does not measures efforts to get what he wants. And this same is an important character in the plot. And unfortunately it has some boring parts and that make no sense to the plot. Besides not focusing entirely on the protagonist is to leave many loose ends. My grade is 8.

Other action anime with samurai and swordsmen

Since I can’t afford to cling only to one category, let’s go to the extras.

  • At The Exorcist
  • Arslan Senki
  • Samurai vs.
  • Akatsuki no yona
  • Bleach
  • Champloo Samurai
  • Nobunaga Concert
  • Sword Art Online

Guts, blood and rolling heads – Action with lots of violence – Gore

Yes here is where we will separate the weak from the forts, putting those anime that only those who like psychopaths and killers risk watching:

Action anime - Best anime with fights and Adventures - berserk 8


Synopsis – As this is the biggest reference I have for this type, it’s from him that we’ll comment first. After all, anyone who has never heard of the man who has a curse that causes demons to pursue him every night, and not to be devoured by them this man is forced to kill or die all night and every night since he was cursed and until the day he succeeds remove it.

My opinion – Even if you’ve never watched this, at least you’ve heard of it. The synopsis is practically this, but details like this man being a swordsman who was raised since childhood in a group of mercenaries or that this man since childhood has the habit of carrying huge bastard swords are not placed in the synopsis.

Unfortunately it is old and does not have a good chart, and its latest versions are in 3D format that did not look good. But it has a good plot and each episode gets even better. Outside that your action scenes are well elaborated and will always have lots of blood and things like that. My grade is 9.

Action anime - Best anime with fights and Adventures - claymore 9


Synopsis – The period is medieval, and as such there are its swordsmen. But in this Anime are The Swordsmen. Yes, women trained in fencing and with a kind of power that makes them even more special. This power increases your physical abilities to bestial levels. But it has a price, if they can’t control they are turned into beasts literally. They’ve seen monsters that are killed by women themselves with this power.

My opinion – It becomes ironic, because they live to kill monsters that are partly their destiny if they do not control power. That is, they kill but run the risk of having the same fate. Anyway, the difference is that there is no freshness of being women the anime is not violent. On the contrary, this anime is much more violent than much of the anime of all genres. My grade is 8. 

Action anime - Best anime with fights and Adventures - hellsing 10


Synopsis – In this company there is a woman, the head of the company, who has a kind of pact with Alucard. Alucard however does not bother with this detail, the only thing he wants is to have fun. To that end he is always looking for strong opponents and challenges for him to have the opportunity to show his powers. On one of his missions, he finds himself obliged to turn a human into a vampire. After that the plot gets even better. And since it wouldn’t miss in an anime with protagonist like that, in this Anime the battles are furious and opponents are extremely bleak.

My opinion – The most acclaimed vampire of the anime. Yes, the lord of omnipotent darkness and darkness, who Has no idea why he is trapped by a pact with that family. For those who have never heard of this anime, my condolences. You have no idea what you’re missing.

Alucard, the original vampire working for a vampire-fighting company. Ironically one vampire hunting another. But that’s not exactly how things are. And in the course of the story comes more things besides vampires and hauntings for him to fight and have fun. My grade is 10.

Action anime - Best anime with fights and Adventures - drifters 11


Synopsis – To finish with gold key, this anime that’s what I liked most on this list. Telling the story of several characters in the history of Japan and the world, who before he died were taken to another world by a kind of god. In this other world our protagonist who is also an important character in history, finds himself almost dead but fortunately was helped by other people and recovered.

As if that wasn’t enough, in this world heroes are divided into two rival factions. While the protagonist has only begun to understand this world, the other faction is already taking control of several countries through force.

If you like bloodthirsty protagonist and who has no pity of his enemies, or a protagonist who even unintentionally is extremely influential to the people around him, and especially anime with a lot of blood, deaths, it’s up and several other violent acts this is the best I have to indicate. My grade is 10 (bad graphics).

Other action anime with a lot of violence

Extras: not as good as drifters, that’s why drifters are the best on this list according to my opinion, but are worth watching.

  • Elfen lied
  • Mirai Nikki
  • Kiseijuu
  • Akame Ga Kill
  • Juuni taisen
  • Psycho pass

Indestructible protagonist – Action anime with a lot of protagonism

This category couldn’t be left out. It’s always good to see a protagonist who’s not afraid of anything and who can solve almost every problem. I particularly love this type is always looking for these anime, but of course there are those where the protagonist are more average and not totally overpower.

For this reason we will also include in this list those anime where we realize that the protagonist is strong but you can see that only won because of the leading thing. So let’s go the list.

Action anime - Best anime with fights and Adventures - black bullet 12

Black Bullet

Synopsis – In a post-apocalyptic world that was destroyed by beings that multiply through a virus, transforming its host into giant creatures of the most varied ways that are totally hostile to humans. Humanity has isolated itself within walls that protect them from these beings.

To fight these beings, humanity has tried various forms. But the most effective was using children who when they were still fetuses were infected by this virus. However the virus did not take full care of the host, and these children gained superhuman abilities that enabled combating these beings.

Our protagonist is not one of those children, he is a partner for one of these children. All children have a person responsible for them, because they are still children and need help not to let their powers out of control.

My opinion – I really like this anime, mainly because of the trace of the lolis that the protagonist has. Besides the protagonist being very strong, however it is not overpower. But it also has its bad points like its plot that leaves to be desired in various things.

To quote one, I would say that his lack of development of stories, because he can not develop the stories of the plot fully and always leaves incomplete stories. Another important point is its loose ends, as it does not explain several events. In most it’s a median anime for most, but for me that just likes the actions and the graphics is a good anime. My note for this anime is 8.


Synopsis – First, the protagonist is already a well-feared delinquent in the city and to complete he finds a body in a river, this body then opens and from the inside comes out a baby. That’s the only way to realize it’s not just any anime. But to complete the baby is the son of the demon king and clings to the protagonist’s back is not loose at all.

However it is not only this, this baby has a lot of people chasing him and consequently the protagonist as well. Well if it were normal people the protagonist would fix it, the problem is that these people have various kinds of skill and powers. So not to be taken away, the baby gives the protagonist some supernatural powers making him even stronger.

My opinion – This yes has the protagonist overpower, and in my opinion, it is too good when the protagonist is not afraid to use his powers and beat in everything and everyone who is in his way. And luckily this anime doesn’t have only 12 or 24 episodes. But sin sin sins in some things like comedy is terrible and maybe villains aren’t that efficient. But it’s good for those who want something lighter and without tension. My note for this anime is 8.


Synopsis – In a medieval era, a woman ventured to the home of a terrible creature in search of wisdom to help humans. When she arrived she found a man, who looked nothing like what they had described. But she knew this was the creature, she also knew it was he who should ask for help.

This creature not only gave what she wanted but after a while fell in love with her. However, after a married time the creature went out on a pilgrimage, and when he returned he received the news that his house had been raided and his wife accused of witchcraft and burned alive at the stake

To take revenge he summons demons from the underworld to earth and goes to sleep to give an agonizing deadline for humanity. Promising that when he woke up he would completely destroy the earth, but in the meantime the summoned demons would disturb and destroy everything humanity had.

My opinion – Well, this is the story but it’s not the plot, the plot turns to our protagonist who is from an almost extinct lineage of demon hunters. But he avoids doing this job and decides not to get involved until some events that make him break is ideology.

This is the kind of protagonist who doesn’t show all his potential unless it’s necessary. I particularly liked this anime, but it fits into the protagonism term. Which doesn’t take away my opinion of this anime being highly recommended. My note to this anime is 9.

Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero

Synopsis – A guy somehow manages to go to another world, that’s somehow interesting. But a guy becoming extremely powerful in this other world without having some “divine help”, only at the basis of training and a lot of commitment, that’s amazing. And it doesn’t stop there, he becomes so powerful in the other world that he can defeat the demon king.

To top it off, by defeating the demon king he “wins” his daughter for it. Now comes the interesting part, for he besides being able to return to the original world he still brings with him the daughter of the demon king.

My opinion – Honestly if this guy wasn’t in the overpower category, I don’t know which other one might be. But it just isn’t very well rated because in the original world it still has some challenges that he has to face.

It is also recommended for those who like a half-horny protagonist. Yes, this is one of the rare anime that has this kind of protagonist, but unfortunately he is not totally perverted. If i were he would pick up all the girls in the anime, and I don’t know if he does that feat in history. At least not in the anime.

Other Action anime with a lot of protagonism

Extras: as we already know, I can not comment everything so I will put some others that I recommend.

  • Sword Art Online
  • Code breaker
  • Darker than Black
  • Trigun
  • Devilman crybaby
  • Baki

That yummy novel – Action anime with Romance

This couldn’t miss, everyone likes a little romance. I particularly love it when the protagonist has a harem at his disposal but it’s no use if he doesn’t go on the attack. So in this subcategory I will put some anime with romance, some more and others less but always with romance in the plot.

Just remembering that I can’t put all the anime I have in mind, even because it can get boring and we don’t want that. That’s why I’m going to put only the ones I think is best. And if you’re not satisfied, just ask for your list commenting on the comments. If it’s a good idea, we’re going to make an article for her.

Action anime - Best anime with fights and Adventures - dragonaut 13

Dragonaut the ressonance

Synopsis – Dragons exist. In a world where humanity has already colonized Mars, these creatures first appeared coming in an asteroid. Asteroid this that hit a ship that would take our protagonist is his family to the moon. After being hit the ship falls and the only survivor is him.

After a few years our protagonist, who lived alone, finds a girl who seems very familiar to him. But it’s not what it appears to be, dragons don’t live in the form of those giant and winged beings, they live disguised as humans and are widely researched and have already been secretly cloned by humans.

My opinion – Short synopsis? Well, more than that would be spoiler. This anime is full of twists, but the action scenes and their romance are very well crafted. I don’t particularly like love triangles very much, but I had to take it back for the greater good.

The only flaw in this Anime is its delay for romance to make a good leap. That’s because they even started a good pace, but then they step on the brakeand keep almost stopping. For this reason you won’t get a very good note on my list. My grade is 7.

Action anime - Best anime with fights and Adventures - freezing 14

Freezing, New Year

Synopsis – In a world destroyed by an alien species that somehow comes from another dimension or from somewhere else in the universe through portals, which in my opinion are extremely annoying. Humanity created its army using the technology of this alien race, modifying girls to obtain powers that have equated to the aliens.

Men, on the other hand, are modified to create a kind of protective area, like a battlefield, to help women. Our protagonist is one of those, and also brother of the most powerful former warrior on earth. He is sent to a school to graduate and finds a partner. In this school he in a very strange way, he meets the girl who will be his partner and she has a problem with men. How’s he going to handle it?

My opinion – I really enjoyed the first season of this anime, already the second was not what I expected. Maybe I was waiting too long. The important thing is that it has a good romance, however it’s no use waiting too long for it. Looks like this problem has in most anime. Maybe it’s so I can sell more light novel. They started at a good pace but parked, just like the previous anime. My grade is 8.

Action anime - Best anime with fights and Adventures - grancrest senki 15

Grancrest Senki

Synopsis – This is recent, now from 2018. History takes place in a world where darkness is a power of evil that causes all the bad things in the world. And to fight is darkness, there are coats of arms. Kind of magic shield that protects the owner and all those who swear allegiance to the owner. Those who possess a coat of arms are called noble, and can fight the darkness that comes in the form of demons.

Our protagonist is a nobleman who somehow got his coat of arms without being inherited, as is usually achieved, and somehow he learned to use this power. Exiled from his village he seeks power to conquer his county from the hands of a tyrant ruler. And a witch, a recent graduate of magic arts school, will help him in this quest. The same witch he falls in love with.

My opinion – I won’t even comment, as this anime dispenses with comments. He’s so good, I’ve watched it twice since it ended. This one gets easy in my top 3 best romance anime list. The only thing I didn’t like was that the story got too much running and deserved to be done in more episodes. My note is 10 (with praise).

Action anime - Best anime with fights and Adventures - ogro darling 16

Darling in the Franxxx

Synopsis – Another of the good ones. In a post-apocalyptic, human world live in mobile cities because they often need to move so as not to run the risk of being destroyed by monsters living on earth and dominated it. But to fight and protect yourself from these monsters humanity has created and perfected giant robots that are capable of destroying creatures.

To fly these robots it takes a couple. And children are raised especially for this purpose. Our protagonist is one of those children who grew up in the facilities created for this purpose. However for some reason he has lost the skills that are necessary to be able to fly the robots. But after meeting a special girl, the protagonist discovers that he is able to fly robots only with her.

My opinion – Short synopsis not to give spoiler. Another strong candidate for my list of best anime. However in this the protagonist does not fail and neither does the girl fail, what fails are the damn creators of the anime who made a big fool. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you.

In the most, this is highly recommended for those who love drama, lifestyle, action and a lot of romance. I liked it but not as much as Grancrest Senki. My grade is 8 (because of the editors).

Rakudai kishi at Eyuutan

Synopsis – And to close with gold key. An anime that could be in the category of indestructible protagonist, but I decided to put it in because it combines more. In the world of this anime there are people who can use the power of their souls and turn them into weapons. To help train these people, specialized schools were created. Our protagonist is a student who is disapproved.

Why are you weak or dumb? No, because our protagonist doesn’t have enough power to pass. However he has managed to develop and evolve all other attributes of his body to a higher level than most is some even reaching the superhuman level. But without being able to be evaluated by other means this is all useless. But with the school’s change of direction, he can make a deal with the new principal.

He was promised an undergraduate if he could win a national-level event of disputes between students across the country. In this tournament participants fight in individual fight rounds and the loser is eliminated. In the end there will only be the strongest student in the country.

My opinion – The best anime of romance and action I’ve watched to date. That’s it! My grade is 10 (and researching to see if there’s no way to give 11).

Other action anime with romance

How was to expect here goes some others that it’s worth watching

  • Busou renkin
  • Dansai bunri on crime
  • Devils line
  • Shakugan no Shana
  • Rokka no yuusha

Are you out of action anime?

Action anime is a very comprehensive theme, as most anime have action. If you want to see more anime that have action, you can read our articles below:

That’s all, guys. These are the best indications I have in this category. If you have suggestions, questions, criticismor something like that just comment below. This article is over and thank you, my dear reader, for reading this article so far. And even the next article.

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