A Beginners Guide to Online Slot Tournaments

Slots tournaments have been around for a while now and can be found at most popular online casinos. It can be a fun way to play but understanding how these games work before you begin could prove essential to your success. Today, we’ll investigate how slot tournaments work, the different kinds of slot tournaments, and what strategies you can use to potentially give yourself a boost in the rankings and increase your odds of winning the top prizes.

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Slot tournaments pit players against each other rather than just playing against the casino. Players are ranked in a leaderboard format in order of who achieves the highest score with a set number of spins. At the end of a specified period of time the game will close, players scores will be finalized, and prizes will be distributed to the top players according to the paytable of the tournament. Prizes usually include cash prizes or free spins on a specific slot (often the one the tournament was played on), but can also include physical goods, shopping vouchers, holidays, and more.

Some slot tournaments are free to enter, whilst others may charge a fee. Once you enter the tournament you do not need to play to spin the slot; instead, you are given a set number of spins with which to rack up as big a score as possible. Some tournaments allow players to buy back in for an additional set of spins at the end of their turn if they are unhappy with their current total.

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The Different Types of Online Slot Tournaments

Not all online slots tournaments are created equal; the type you choose to play may depend on your bankroll size, especially if it's the type of tournament that allows players to buy back for additional spins many times over. If you're a fan of online poker, you might notice some similarities in the terminology used to describe poker tournaments and slot machine tournaments; if so, congratulations – you have a head start!

Scheduled Tournaments

As the name suggests, a scheduled tournament takes place at a pre-arranged date and time. The prize fund will often be guaranteed and known in advance to encourage participation. Some scheduled tournaments will only last a few minutes, while others may take a four sup for a few weeks to play. A tournament that is running over several days will usually give players a set number of spins each day to encourage return to play, and longer tournaments often award the biggest prizes.

Sit & amp; GO's

A “sit and go” is a tournament that starts when a certain number of players have registered to participate, after which the tournament will start immediately. There's no designated start time, so you'll need to keep an eye out for any of these games you've signed up to play, especially if the duration period is short. The prize pool for this type of tournament will usually just be the value of all entrants' entry fees, but as there is no need to wait for a game to start, this type of tournament is still popular with many gamers. slot machine.

Reload Tournaments

Most top-up tournaments require a fee to participate, but some allow new entrants to join the tournament for free, simply by paying for their subsequent top-ups. Be sure to check the tournament details before you start playing and pay special attention to the number of reloads allowed – if it is unlimited, you may want to re-evaluate your bankroll before investing in the tournament.

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Freezeout Tournaments

A freeze is the simplest type of slot tournament to budget, as each player only has one chance to achieve a high score. There are no top-ups allowed in these games, so many players will feel comfortable paying a higher entry fee to participate in a freeze, as they know they won't be knocked out of reward points by players with a seemingly unlimited bankroll.

Survivors Tournaments

This can be an interesting format; survivor tournaments take place over multiple rounds, with either a set number of players, or all players below a certain score, being eliminated at the end of each round. Rounds will usually last only a short time and you will often need to spin as fast as you can to be sure you make it to the end, especially if you get lucky and hit a few bonus rounds during your turn!

VIP Tournaments

Finally, you may notice a few so-called VIP tournaments in the lobby of your favorite online casino. These competitions are reserved for the lucky few who are invited, or you can occasionally win a seat in one of them by playing a lower-ranking tournament first. Because there are fewer players involved, your chances of winning a VIP tournament increase substantially, but you may have to spend a lot of money at the casino to earn a place in the tournament to start with.

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