6 Online Games Perfect for Relaxing

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The digital entertainment medium is full of excellent opportunities to relax. In an increasingly frantic lifestyle and with the challenges that today's world poses, it is sometimes easy to forget about your own time and the importance of fun.

Whether you work all day away from home or are immersed in the world of telecommuting, your stress level is sure to suffer ups and downs throughout the week.

The author Martim Nabeiro introduces you to some online games that have proven to result in well-being, relax you and put you in the perfect position to approach the next challenges with renewed spirit.


Online Casino and Bejeweled

You will find several similar games. The theme of valuable stacked gems has long since delighted casino players all over the world.

Derived from the classic tetris, there are few titles that invite you to relax and appear on the tables of relaxing online games for years on end like Bejeweled. Simple, fun and rewarding. Your fun doesn't need much more!

6 jogos online perfeitos para relaxar

The Renewed World of Tetris Effect

Since we mentioned the father of many of these simple games, why not revisit him in his most recent appearance? 

Tetris Effect is the title you've known for decades, but on steroids. With incredible graphics and a truly immersive environment, both its state-of-the-art sound effects and the challenges waiting for you make this one of the best relaxing games of this and any season.

6 jogos online perfeitos para relaxar

The Simple Doodle Pac-Man

Search for antisstress online games and you will be invited to discover thousands of titles of all genres. Or, search for Doodle Pac-Man and play directly at the top of your browser at the invitation of one of the largest search engines in the world.

Simpler and more convenient is impossible. Although the pac-man part of the history of video games, many of the younger generations have never ventured into the frantic mission of eating all the dots. Not only will you find moments of relaxation, but you will also find yourself with a child's smile on your face.

6 jogos online perfeitos para relaxar

The Inevitable Fruit Ninja

Popular with Portuguese players, the famous Fruit Ninja is one of the most simple and fun titles we can find online. Often appearing in the rankings of online antisstress games, it is both simple and rewarding.


The premise is simple. Cut as much and as much fruit as you can by striking your finger until the time is up. If you are one of those who think that cutting virtual fruit is not funny at all, give it a try and don't be surprised if you find yourself laughing out loud and loud with no one around.

6 jogos online perfeitos para relaxar

The Classic Jigsaw Puzzle

Is it still from the time when home entertainment came in cardboard boxes with board games? Or where the most interesting challenges were putting all the pieces of a puzzle together?

If so, the Jigsaw Puzzle game perfectly reinvents that feeling. Figuring among the main relaxing online games, Portuguese players can enjoy the full relax of assembling a fragmented image. 


If all this seems too peaceful for you, it is because you still don't know the challenges that a puzzle often presents.

6 jogos online perfeitos para relaxar

Epic Candy Crush

Few names are as instantly recognizable as the candy Crush. Among the most epic online antisstress games of all time, there is practically no one who does not know him in Portugal and abroad.

Following parameters very similar to the aforementioned Bejeweled, both would appear in the top relaxing games worldwide for the relaxation they invite. Fun, simple, immediate. These ingredients that sometimes seem so easy to obtain are, after all, a difficult mixture to achieve.

If you haven't had the opportunity to stack and crush candy, you don't know what you're missing. This saga, among the most popular ever, never fails to entertain us.

6 jogos online perfeitos para relaxar

From now on you know that it is up to you to take the time to have fun. Regardless of the amount of paper that accumulates on the desk and endless tasks that seem to be in front of you, a few minutes' pause in front of some of these truly compelling games will result in a better approach.

Whether you are dedicated to cutting fruit, finding the final pieces of the puzzle or running through the corridors with Pac-Man, the result will always be towards your satisfaction!