5 essential online courses this Black Friday to illustrate with Japanese influence

Endowed with a unique aesthetic, Japanese art inspires artists of different generations all over the world. Whether through manga, anime, kawaii or through ancient techniques such as sumi-ê and shodô, the Japanese universe presents a range of colors, brushstrokes and striking features, capable of directly transporting the viewer to the oriental imagination.

A Domestika, the fastest growing creative community on the market, offers a range of online courses given by renowned professionals in the field. For you who have always dreamed of learning to draw with Japanese techniques, we have selected 5 online courses for you to take your first steps in this art.

Check out a series of online courses to unleash your creativity this Black Friday! To access the course page, just click on the header title!

Japanese-influenced watercolor illustration

Discover how to give an ancestral identity to your drawings using the sumi-ê technique. Although it has always been practiced with India ink, this painting technique can be applied with other materials such as watercolor. Argentinian illustrator with Okinawan roots, Flor Kaneshiro, teaches you how to create your own illustrations, combining basic watercolor notions with the Japanese technique of sumi-ê.

Introduction to gouache paint: chromatic journey to Japan

How about taking an excursion into the heart of Japanese culture? French illustrator Lil Sire, who has already appeared in books, magazines and clothing brands such as Anthropologie, will guide you on this thought-provoking journey. You will learn to create an expressive illustration from scratch, exploring colors, textures and details with basic gouache painting techniques.

Japanese-influenced ink illustration

Inspired by traditional Japanese painting methods such as sumi-ê and shodô, Brazilian visual artist and illustrator Mika Takahashi teaches how to explore the possibilities of India ink in an illustration. After working with animation, holding exhibitions and publishing a series of books, Mika will guide you from start to finish, teaching you how to work the brush with precision, create contrasts, light and shadow effects to be able to convey emotions through this ancient technique.

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Japanese vintage style digital illustration

Before getting down to business and illustrating a poster using manual and digital techniques, you will immerse yourself in the culture of Japan by getting to know the work of mangaka and movements like the wabi-sabi.

Techniques for coloring manga drawing with markers

Coloring your characters, applying the style of the manga, requires attention to a series of techniques such as gradients, mixtures of tones, light and shadow and specific finishes. The artist Taniidraw, specializes in creating drawings with an oriental style and is constantly inspired by anime and other traditional Japanese genres that she seeks to honor in her works. She will teach you how to work lines and colors to achieve unique effects, leaving your piece ready to be shared on your social networks.

Black Friday has arrived at Domestika bringing special discounts. right now you can find courses for R$45.00 each. Take this opportunity to start illustrating in a Japanese style, learning from the best professionals in the industry.

If you've been waiting for the perfect time to get your ideas off the ground or start a new creative area, Black Friday is the perfect time: from Friday the 26th of November to Sunday the 28th, every Domestika online courses will be for R$35.00 (each).

And this wave of discounts doesn't end with Black Friday. On Monday, the 29th, Cyber Monday opens another week of promotions for you to learn, create and share at your own pace, wherever you are and with internationally recognized professionals.

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