5 Advantages of Using VEED in Creating Music Videos and Visualizations

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Today, there are many more ways that artists and musicians can display their masterpieces compared to previous decades. Platforms like Spotify, Deezer, YouTube, to name a few, have made it possible for them to reach their audience quickly and easily.

In this sense, artists always have to beat the competition on how to present their work in a more creative and interesting way. And based on the trend, video clips capture audience attention for the next level of visual experience. However, creating high quality video clips is a bit expensive. That's why VEED was created and took action to support independent music artists.

5 vantagens de usar veed na criação de vídeos musicais e visualizações - image 9
5 vantagens de usar veed na criação de vídeos musicais e visualizações

Flexibility and Accessibility

The creation and editing of video clips is accessible through its cloud technology. This simply means you can produce your creations without bringing your bulky servers and storage devices all the time. Creators can also use any type of computer, whether it's on Mac or Windows operating system. Users will have the option to upload their own videos from their own devices, via Dropbox or take a live video from their devices. It also makes collaboration easier from anywhere.


VEED has also leveled the platform's accessibility and flexibility for users, as the tools can be accessed via mobile devices. Yes, you heard me right! You can create videos using your mobile phone or tablet.

All you need is your laptop or mobile device and an internet connection and voilà, you can start creating video clips anywhere, anytime.

Video Customization

This one online video editor gives you the power to fully customize the creation of your music videos. Users have access to put their own brand on their videos by simply uploading added artwork to showcase the property. There are many intuitive features and functions you can use to make your video more engaging and unique. Below are some of the resources available:


visual audiogram

Users can add a visually stunning waveform animation and audiogram as an effect in video clip production. You can also change the color, size and orientation based on your preferred video output.

Audio Spectrum

Allows users to create audio spectra using their uploaded audio files. This gives users the power to add uniqueness to their creations.

Audio to Video output

Users can upload music and other sound files and save them as video. This will be very useful for people who are creating podcasts and spoken poetry.


Image and art upload

Users can add images and artwork to their audio files and render them as videos. It also aims to provide access to video personalization and support in the fight against copyright infringement, as users can add artwork that will serve as trademarks.

No video editing skills required

Creating videos using VEED just got simpler and easier. Any user can now create stunning videos with no experience or advanced skills required. You can also embed waveforms and animations, spectra and artwork and personal images by simply dragging and dropping the elements into your project.

file security

Losing your creations is like losing half your life. A typical video editing really requires a lot of effort and caution and one of the most hated problems is the loss of files or data. We understand how hard you work to create your videos. Artists will no longer be afraid of accidentally losing their masterpieces as projects are being saved to VEED's cloud storage.


VEED specializes in providing an intuitive tool for beginners and skilled artists who want to improve their game in the music and video streaming industry. We also understand how expensive it is to purchase video clip editing software, so the days of installing expensive third-party plug-ins to make audiovisuals are long gone. With VEED it's click, drag, resize and recolor … work done.

It's time to try out these comprehensive features, so grab your laptop or mobile device now and start creating your own video clips.