3 Japanese hobbies that everyone should try!

Everyone needs a hobby. And as my time living in Japan increases, I feel that I am leaving my Brazilian side more and more and creating more and more Japanese customs. This includes not watching TV, playing football and spending hours on social media making fun. I started to experiment with Japanese hobbies, I started to love reading books and even practicing the art of meditation.

But there are 3 exclusive hobbies from Japan that stole my heart. I decided to put them in a video, I hope you like it.


As stated in the video, there were problems with the camera, large parts were lost. But to make up for it I’ll tell you about my first time at Onsen and then show pictures of the places I talked about.

My first time at Onsen

I had back pain because I had spent the whole week studying sitting for a proficiency test. A Japanese friend together with a Brazilian asked me to go to the Onsen, said they would help. I confess that I am not a fan of going to the doctor and taking medication, but the pain was bothering me and I decided to try it.


As soon as we entered, I smelled a very fragrant scent of incense at the entrance. What made me unconsciously smile, we took off our shoes and went inside. So far so good, the thud came when we entered the locker room. Full of naked man! I never imagined that I would feel so uncomfortable in front of so many men!

But I had already paid, so I put it in my head that I was going to enter anyway! luckily, I'm practically blind, so I just took off my glasses so I wouldn't see that scene and try my best not to bump into anyone.

Entering the thermal waters area, I went to bathe. So far so good. Then I went into a bath with water at 38º, very pleasant. It had a whirlpool and I put it in my head that I would stay there with my eyes closed waiting for the pain relief to come.

After 10 minutes, my friend tells me to go to a bathtub that was in the corner of the shower area. He said that there I would find relief. Naive and without being able to read anything, I went into the bathtub, where I sat I screamed: "Ahhh!" and jumped out of the tub.


While I was not understanding, my laughing friend explains that that bathtub does massage using electric pulses, that is, A BATHTUB THAT GIVES SHOCK!

Old people like these bathtubs and I don't know why. I tried to stay 1 minute and thought I was going to die. My organs seemed to squirm inside.

After that initial suffocation, and 30 minutes of pure shame, I started to experience the baths, then I went outside. And then I saw that there is nothing as relaxing as Onsen here in Japan. The outdoor areas are usually in the middle of the bush and the landscape is beautiful. Great for meditation and relaxation.


3 Japanese hobbies that everyone should try!

The ambient temperature was 6º, but inside some pools the temperature was 43º, which made the experience even more interesting. Feeling cold wind on your face and still sweating from the heat is really fun.

Then it was just rinsing, drying, stretching and sleeping like a baby because my back pain was gone!

What about Karaoke and Spocha?

The experience in an Onsen is one of the most exciting things that any Western person can have in Japan. Now in the case of Karaoke and Spocha are things that we already have a brief knowledge of.


3 Japanese hobbies that everyone should try!

In the case of Japan's Karaoke, you can sing with friends, have drinks at will, choose from a multitude of songs and stay in rooms of different sizes.

In the case of Spocha the entertainment options are endless so we already wrote an article talking about this subject that you can read clicking here.

Thanks for reading and see you next time. Feel free to make requests and suggestions.