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Are you learning Japanese, and looking for books that are easy and simple to read? Learn by reading children's books [子供の本] or children's books, and learn about Japanese culture and history.

I'm leaving you 11 little ones children's books in hiragana, so you can read and learn. I will also leave a video explaining about learning Japanese with children's books, as well as a suggestion to buy books in Japanese.

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Japanese Children's Books on Amazon do Brasil

Unfortunately, most of the time you can't buy children's books in Japanese because they are out of stock, but you can constantly check in and see if the product has a digital version through Kindle Unlimited.

We suggest that you also do a thorough search on Amazon do Brasil for keywords Japanese Edition or 子供の本in order to find the products and books you are looking for, in the Japanese language.

11 children's books in hiragana to download

Children's books are called kodomo no hon [子供の本] and are published by ohanashi shirīsu[おはなしシリース!]. The books are:

  • 01.Issunboushi
  • 02.Urashimatarou
  • 03.OmusubiKororin
  • 04.Kaguyahime
  • 05.Kasazizou
  • 06.SarukaniGassen
  • 07.ShitarakiriSuzume
  • 08.TsurunoOngaeshi
  • 09.NezuminoYomeiri
  • 10.HansakaJiisan
  • 11.Momotaro

You can Download these 11 Books at the Link below, in a compressed file of 7.8mb


I hope you enjoyed it, we do not support any kind of piracy, but unfortunately it is impossible to get these books here in Brazil, mainly because they are not sold.

Can you learn Japanese with children's books?

See in the video below if it is effective to learn Japanese with children's books: